The Mobiles – 1988-89





photos supplied by Neil Cartwright 

Anna, Russ, Chris, Neil & Garry in the background.

Neil Cartwright… I was lucky enough to play a number of ‘Showcase’ gigs with them in 1988-89. The line-up was Chris, Russ and Anna, with Garry King on drums.

Tony May…. Great pics Neil. I played ‘Drowning In Berlin’ on my ipod today and it still sounds as innovative and imaginative as ever. I really liked ‘Your Not Alone’ as well but it made no impression as a single.

Matt Thomas… Her brother Matt was my first manager at Masons Music

Garry King… Wow great to see this after all these years, good times indeed

Harry Randall… They used to rehearse out at Crowhurst

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