Dirty Love featuring Dan Large early 90’s – Rother Valley Pub Northiam.


supplied by Dan Large

Dan Large… This is me drumming at the back, their drummer kindly let me have a go and I played a couple of songs with them, The photo was taken around early 1990 at The Rother Valley pub in Northiam.  The band was called ‘Dirty Love’ does anyone recognize any of the band members?

Richard Turner… is that Steve ?

Karen Sweatman… Darren on guitar and Steve on vocals – no idea of surnames. Used to love going to see them. Think the guitarist to the right was Justin Bishop.

Ian Ellis… Karen , “Mitchell”

Terry Pack…  I remember Darren. He lived in Bexhill, and used to row. He was a good player, too, and a very nice bloke. I last saw him at The Bell in Bexhill about 10 years ago.

Alan Esdaile… Hi Karen, I think you previously mentioned his full name is Steve Honeysett? Anyone confirm?

Ian Ellis… It’s a 4 string plank, I think it might be Steve Hunnisett too…,

Karen Sweatman… Yes, Steve played bass

Patrick Briggs… Definitely Steve and Darren Mitchell

Pete Houghton… This is the bexhill band I was on about Darren and Steve Mitchell they lived in Wrestwood two doors down from where I lived and  often see Darren around by Springfield road area

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