Doris Day dies

Gerry Fortsch… I always loved her version of that song what will be will be. Que Sera Sera and I think I had a crush on her when I was about 11 years old. Peace & Love.

Janet Rennie… Loved Doris , what a voice

Gaynor Lewry… Deeply saddened

Robert Searle… Move over darling…i always wanted her to sing that to me

Andy Qunta… me too!

Alan Esdaile… so did I!

Tony T Bone Bell… RIP Doris Day. I loved her when I was a kid. She had the voice of an angel and all her movies were magical !!

Nicola Dobson… I love that song too

Andy Qunta… First song I remember liking from hearing it on the radio was Que Sera Sera.

Julie Findlay-jones… Loved her , her music ,films and charity work, sleep well lovely lady x

Alan Esdaile… Looks, Voice and Talent. A Real Star.

Wendy Weaver… R.I.P. A great lady.

Jack Irving… A calamity!

Chris Meachen… Damned shame, but at least she reached a fine old age..

Pete Houghton… So sad she was a star a star in every sense will be missed not many of stars from her era are left now

Graham Marriott… They were real Star’s back then and not the prefabricated trash on the so called talent shows of today

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