David Kossoff – A funny kind of evening – Hastings Pier- in aid of Buchanan Hospital 10th June 1976

Dave Nattress… I remember David Kossoff very well from being young and seeing him on TV. He seemed a nice, kindly, softly spoken gentle gentleman and I think he did a regular low-key religious programme. And then of course there was his Son THE Paul Kossoff. Great respect for both and Paul well what a guitarist, what a unique sound and what a great loss and so young. I have as much of Paul’s (and therefore Free’s stuff) as I’ve been able to acquire over a long, long time.

Whats your favourite Kate Bush song?

About to perform at Comic Relief 1986. Photo Philip Chappell

Kate Bush her 31 UK singles from worst to best….


Clifford Rose was asking about Kate Bush best songs. What’s your favourite…

Pete Fairless…  Wuthering Heights because it came first and she was so Kate. The three from Hounds Of Love – title track, Cloudbusting and Running Up That Hill, they’re a perfect trio of Bush brilliance.

Matt Thomas… Too many to pinpoint one but do have a soft spot for ‘The man with the child in his eyes’ oh and ‘The Jig of Life’ from Hounds of Love album

Alan Esdaile… Man with the child in his eyes and cloudbusting

Phil Thornton… Big sky !

Tony Qunta… Wow, Babooshka, Sat In Your Lap

Chris Meachen… toss up between ‘man with a child in his eyes’ , and ‘moments of pleasure’

Jill Lawrence… This woman’s work is my fave oh and man with child in his eyes

Jennie Tocock… “Violin”, “Them Heavy People” and “Cloudbusting”

Eric Harmer… I liked Kate Bush City Limits best

Chris Jolly… You are the one & only NUTBUSH!

Dave Nattress… Very difficult, I guess Wuthering Heights takes some beating, but Man With The Child In His Eyes, The Hounds of Love and Running up that Hill are good – also Cloudbusting. But on reflection Wuthering Heights, out of absolutely nowhere, apparently laid down largely when she as 12. Amazing.

Chris Jolly… The Man with the child in his eyes and James and the cold gun!

Dennis Torrance… Her vocals and the musicians she and band were so haunting . The kick inside album just listen to it with headphones so good

Jeff Belton… So many, love her voice. Used to live in the next town of me back in the 1970’s. Rubber band man is a great lively one. None you can say they are bad.

Chris Pelling… This Woman’s Work – listen and weep

JillLawrence… Gets me every time!!!

Colin Fox… Saw her at London Palladium in the 1970s. Brilliant show, great singer and pianist, and her brother played guitar. One of my many favourites with Eric Clapton on guitar “And So Is Love”.

Will Cornell… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=7yeimyOsdrA Maybe this one wasn’t a “single” but it’s her best song as far as I’m concerned…..the Trio Bulgarka and David Gilmour’s guitar? Come on, get that “Rocket Man” cover off the list and put “Rocket’s Tail” on it!

Phil Thornton… excellent track – never heard it before ! ( I’m familiar with Trio Bulgarka as they were featured on one of my ‘Buddha Experience’ albums ! )

Conan Howard… oh England my lion heart


Factory & Effigy – Clive Vale Annexe. Fri 7th May 1971 & YMCA review 13th August 1971

Supplied by Jon McCallion

Andy Qunta… Ah! Good times!

Phil Gill… I was there, probably with young Carey, Meachen and Shirley, as they labelled us at school. Sarah Harvey might have enjoyed the evening too.

Sarah Harvey…. I did indeed Phil and I had. completely forgotten about Effigy and to be honest cannot remember seeing them at all other than a vague memory that I didn’t think much of them. Factory as ever were THE band of Hastings at the time.

Chris Baker… Hah! Flight of the Rat was one of my “Flashy” solos! Those were the days! We only did a few gigs.

Phil Gill… As I recall Chris, you showed me how to play the pedal note riff from Flight of the Rat, one night at an Effigy rehearsal that Roger Carey and I attended. Was it School Road in Ore? Roger was buying Iain Cobby’s speaker cabinet and we came along to look at it.

Brigitte Lee… Where was Clive Vale Annex?

Chris Baker… Ha! Phil! My arthritic old fingers can’t play it so fast these days! Fun to so though. Still got that analog Park Fuzzbox too and the old Hofner!

Geoff Peckham… I remember we (Factory) were really impressed with Effigy. Didn’t they do a couple of other Deep Purple covers? Speed King, and Child in Time? According to Andy’s diary we played with them twice in 1971. May 7th at Priory Road School. Andy said that school gigs have been “…really great. This was no exception. Bit of trouble from old ladies and police about the noise but never mind. Effigy supported (or did we support them?) – not bad for their first gig.” The second was at the YMCA on August 13th. Andy mentions the awful acoustics and that “Effigy (with Tom) supported.” Could that have been the legendary Tom Jones? (The one from Stoke, not S. Wales!)

Phil Gill… And Steve’s drumming was *never* too loud. End of.

John Wilde…. Tom Jones, any info on his history or where he is now?

Geoff Peckham…. I got to know Tom in ’69 when his dad had an electrical shop in Western Rd, Bexhill. He told me stories about being in a pre-Black Sabbath band called Horny Moon (!) and other tales. He was a great character and raconteur. Like you, he had great stage presence – a great blues singer and harpist. He moved back to Stoke, and around 73-74 turned up at a Factory gig in NE Staffs University. I think he put us up for the night. Haven’t seen him since. Anyone else know anything? Be good to see you again sometime.

Alan Esdaile…yes it was School Road Ore where the rehearsals took place, in the old church hall which was full of antiques and clobber and the band squeezed somehow in the middle. I think their was a giant stuff bear but maybe wrong? Geoff Peckham date is correct as Friday 7th May 1971. Clive Vale Annex was part of Priory Road School and the gig took place at Clive Vale. Jon McCallion sung with Effigy at this gig and glad you remembered Tom Jones. I got a review somewhere which I will post on the YMCA gig shortly.

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Suzi Quatro & Factory Hastings Pier Friday 8th June 1973

13330_369636748709_7200140_n    1619468_417725271706269_1422265642_n    suzi q

poster supplied by Mick Mepham.  Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Andy Qunta...Great! Thanks for this Alan! Factory supported Suzi Quatro the week Can the Can went to number 1. Her producer, Mickie Most, came up to me after we played and shook my hand and told me to get in touch. We thought he was too “poppy” for us so we didn’t follow up on it! Often wondered if that was a mistake or not!

from the ‘classic hits’ tv show ‘Can The Can’…

Yvonne Cleland….Remember watching her do this in the pier ballroom! Front row!

Pete Fairless….Still love it!

Mick O’Dowd….Saw her do this in Alexander Park at the Beer Festival.

Alan Oliver… Saw her the White Rock in or around 1987. Average!

Martin Waghorne… This is getting bad I think I was there as well.

Di Veness… I don’t think she was very good live. Factory on the other hand were brilliant. We had fun that night

Gil Mulvey… I was there, she was amazing! Factory were good and of course Stallion!

Ralph Town… Just a week after her birthday 🙂 We share the same birthday, me and Suzi.Plus Ian Hunter and Mickey Finn of T-Rex.

Julie Morris… I remember this so well!

Pete Fisher… I was there!

Lucy Pappas… Me too!

Tony Qunta… Yes remember it very well!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was there too!

Lesley Brown… I thought I saw Suzi but thought I must have dreamt it until I saw this!

Alan Vale… I met her when years ago I lived in london and she played at my local a couple of times very nice lady great bass player

Keith Veness… Great night

Bourne ScunnerJulie… I was there and went to see her at the Brighton Centre in April and she can still belt them out…

Alan Wood… First gig with wife one

Kim Tilbury… I was there great night!



The Ryetoffs – Rye 1964



photos supplied by Tony Lambert

main photo… L To R Pete Buchan,Mick Eldridge,Roger Huckstep,Tony Lambert,Mel Mcgann.

Tony Lambert… outside The Rye Model Laundry,1964 we used the canteen for practice because Pete Buchans dad was manager. Great times, mad parties at various venues.  Indoor photo at Rogers house Christmas 1964 Tony Lambert, Mel Mcgann, Roger Huckstep, sitting Pete Buchan. Perhaps Mick Eldrige was taking the photo. The Ryetoff guitars were all home made and the drum kit was from Brighton originally bought for £10.00 s/h which in todays money would £150.00 – £200.00? The Drumkit in this photo is the one Alan Wootton had from me, recovered in grey Fablon and was the Ryetoffs one, not the GTStrokers kit which belonged to Paul Freeman. Believe it or not, I managed to get The drumkit in the bubble car !!!!