Lazybones Disco 1976 and Police Ball.



Anyone remember Lazybones?

Peter Fairless… Which one was that, under the Queens?

Jim Breeds… That rings a distant bell … was it under Queens Hotel?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Pete and Jim, trying to remember the chain of different names, was it The Flying Machine at one time? Bonitas, Emmas etc.

Chris Giles… Bonitas I remember chicken and chips on a Sunday Eve

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Chris! You just reminded me of the smell and the greasy taste. I feel sick!

Jane Hartley… Bonitas, Lazybones, Queen of Clubs, JRs.

Virginia Davis… That brings back memories

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed!

Jim Breeds…  Bonitas I could have volunteered as a name but Lazybones had gone from the memory until now!  Gosh yes. Chicken in the basket wasn’t it? And Scampi too, probably!  lol.

Chris Giles… Yep it was in a basket.

Jon McCallion… We played at bonitas after recording fooling around the same night I think.

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t forget cockroaches in a basket at Bonitas.

Gary Kinch… If I remember right Lazybones was fitted out in November December 75 and opened Early 76 ( I could be a month or so out). Simon Falla was the manager at the time. He employed several college friends for various duties at the club. Justin (surname ? long blond hair) was taken on as a doorman, amongst others. I was taken on as a helper/labourer during the re-vamping stage prior to opening……..One of the perks of the job was a free lunch in the Queens Hotel staff canteen 🙁

Jim Hobbs… I was the first DJ at Lazybones and did the sound system install with zero budget. We reused the old Tannoy speakers from Bonitas days powered by a small amplifier and driven by a cheap mixer with a pair of old Garrard SP25 decks (remember them?). The only piece of quality kit was my own Beyer microphone. I was there for some time as it built a bit of a crowd before falling out with a young Simon Falla.

Mark Hardwick… Yep I remember below the Queens Hotel and the DJ played this at the end of the night

Phil Gill… Only club I was ever thrown out of. Simon had to let me back in a week later, we had a gig there.

Lucy Pappas… What happened to Simon Falla?

Phil Gill… This


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