Memories Are Made Of This – Retro Pop Quiz book

December Books…I think people might be interested in the book as it features a lot about the 70’s. ‘Memories Are Made of This’ (The Ultimate Retro Quiz Book) It hit the Amazon top 100 earlier in the year. To find out why this pop music quiz featuring the 50’s to the 90’s is so popular read the reviews and more info at the Amazon link below. It’s on Paperback & Kindle & P&p is currently free.

Were you a Rocker or a Mod?


Ad from Paul Anderson via Lloyd Johnson’s Original Modernists Facebook page.

Alan Esdaile… I would have liked to think I was a rocker, mind you I certainly liked many of the mod records.

Gerry Fortsch… I would agree, I had some motor bikes but my mates still liked Buddy Holly and Twinkle, I liked the Yardbirds, The Animals,The Small Faces and a lot of blues.

Lloyd Johnson… I guess I was more of a Modernist/ Mod..there was a split second in 63/64 some mates from Tunbridge Wells and I were calling ourselves ‘Stylists’ ,pretentious , but we we’re try to avoid the yob elements of both sides…

Chris Sambrook… The Who confused me. They were from the Mod culture and yet they played rock good and hard. There must have been the same Mod/ Rocker influence, or was there or am i wrong ? Whatever the Who are still my favourite band since the 60’s and i was only 12. Well i remember Ready Steady Go at 6pm and the weekend starts here No Speed, no dancing and no drink went to beddy bye bo bo’s dreaming of Keith Moon.

Martyn Baker… Mods.

Lloyd Johnson… For me The Who and Small Faces were late comers as the Modernist style for me began with my first Italian style bumfreezer brown suit made at Burton’s by The Memorial and my Denson side lace winklepickers purchased from Winters in George street in The Old Town in 59/60….1 was 14/15 at the time and dreamt of the day I had a wardrobe full of clothes I bought from my own money….hence 3 paper rounds….I also bought some light grey slimline trousers with 1″ slits up the bottom of the side seams from Huckles on Queens Parade which backed on to the cricket ground….I use to love the bus depot between the magistrates court and the entrance to the cricket ground….can anyone remember the Dengate buses on Wellington Square…cream with a green flash on the sides?….all the bus drivers wore off white linen jackets and had separate packs of different coloured tickets attached to a wooden block/ ticket holder by a spring .Those buses and the whole set up looked like they were still in the 1920s/30s…and drivers reminded me of Benny Hill with their oversized caps….funny what we remember isn’t it?….

Alan Esdaile… Yes remember well the bus depot by the cricket ground and also the buses in Wellington Square.

Martyn Baker… Mods.