You Can All Join In – Island Sampler

join in

join in back

1. A Song For Jeffrey – Jethro Tull  2. Sunshine Help Me – Spooky Tooth  3. I’m A Mover – Free  4. What’s That Sound – Art  5. Pearly Queen – Tramline  6. You Can All Join In – Traffic  7. Meet On The Ledge – Fairport Convention  8. Rainbow Chaser – Nirvana  9. Dusty – John Martyn  10. I’ll Go Girl – Clouds  11. Somebody Help Me – Spencer Davis Group  12. Gasoline Alley – Wynder K Frog

Anyone remember this one? With Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Spencer Davis, Traffic, Free, Art, Nirvana etc.

Jon McCallion… Still got Bumpers & You can all join in, good sounds.

Rick Pentecost….What a fantastic record, I still have it, but I’ve lost the outer sleeve. Absolutely loved it !

Mick Bolton…..Oh yes, I had this one. I used to look at the cover and try figure out who everyone was.

Jane Hartley… it!

Mick O’Dowd…..Another fantastic cheap sampler. Where would we have been without them!

Mark Sims…..I remember this.

Will Cornell…..Mojo magazine did a pretty good Island comp a few years ago as their free CD. There was a series called “This is Reggae Music” also on Island that hit the cutout bins in the late 70s when Island shifted distribution. Excellent–3-4 volumes worth of the best.

Tony Davis… Wasn’t there also one called Nice Enough to Eat?

Rob Grain… Clouds !!!

Amanda Brooks… Got it, love it. X

Chris Giles… I’ve still got my Bumpers sampler LP from island released 1970

Rob Grain… My old mate Ian Ellis on there !

Pete Fisher… superb compilation – June 1969, 14 shillings and sixpence…I was already into Jethro Tull and Traffic, but Free and Spooky Tooth were new discoveries for me…Nice Enough To Eat followed in September that year, also a great compilation…

Mark Randall… Island samplers! What a treat they were

Mark Gilham… Diverse and inspiring 🙂

Jan Warren… Oh god I had this too!!

Paul Richardson… Heck Alan! Spooky Tooth and Clouds, two very underrated bands. I have this still, and Bumpers (thanks Chris Giles). Also bought Nice Enough to Eat and the CBS sampler Fill Your Head with Rock. Thanks mate, suddenly I’m 16 again. Everyone of these had some class tracks.


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