The Troggs – Hastings Pier – 7th August 1966

supplied by Andre Martin

Gerry Fortsch… Does anyone remember if this was the night that the Troggs did not make it and the Mindbenders played instead. I did give Reg Presley a bit of stick about it many years later, the Mindbenders were great.

Peter Fairless… I wonder if Andre would know? My brother had tickets to the no-show gig, he was not impressed.

Robert Wren… I saw The Troggs at the Oasis club in I think the early 80s. No stage and hardly any one there but Reg Presley was on top form.

National Blues Festival Plumpton – 6th August 1970

plumpton festival blues

supplied by Pete Fisher

John Wilde……This was a brilliant event. Well attended and the line up was excellent. I barely remember it. This poster/advert is a holy relic. Stand out acts. Caravan, Family, Colosseum, Edgar Broughton, Magna Carta, Keef Hartley and the Groundhogs

Mick Mepham…..Buggeration! Missed this too!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bill!! £2 for the weekend …… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mick Knights….It was a good one, as were all the other festivals at Plumpton. I remember one band I saw in the blues tent, not for their music, but the name ‘ the interplanetary Tony band’ Also saw the Who there when they did Tommy, but the one stand out act for me was the Bonzo Dog Do Dah band on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon, just prefect.

Patrick Lewis……What a line up.

Conan Howard… I was there for the whole weekend, god I feel old now