St Leonards road to close for World Car Free Day on Sunday 22nd September 2019

photo © Hastings Observer

A stretch of St Leonards seafront will be closed to traffic next month to mark World Car Free Day.

The road will be turned into a pedestrianised community space on Sunday, September 22 with entertainment and activities devised to encourage people to take sustainable transport alternatives.

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Pete Fairless… That’s the A259, right?

Wendy Weaver… Pity the people living on the alternative roads.

Brian Adams… no need for this enough roads closed around hastings for roadworks

Els Wilcox… It’s not for roadworks it for world free car day.

Glenn Piper… I hope that includes bicycles

Richard J Porter… Yep, the A259, South Coast Trunk Road, Folkestone – Honiton Trunk Road. The only East – West way to cross the country south of the M25/M20. A road that leads to the Channel Ports from the West. Won’t cause any issues for all that through traffic, HGVs, coaches holiday makers and so on making their way to The Channel Tunnel and Dover. What will they do? Send them up Harley Shute to Sedlescombe Road and the Ridge? Or maybe the Link Road and the Ridge?

Paul Chenery… Yet another mega-cock up from a ‘department of f* stupid ideas’. Maybe the same type of idiot that put the bus lanes along Bexhill Road, pushing traffic passing the bus stop at glyne gap into the path of oncoming traffic.

Pete Brazier… Great idea but where and how are we going to Park the Car?

Paul Morfey… Few people seem to realise how nice life would be with far fewer cars!!?!

Angela Gardner… I’m sure people can avoid using their cars for one day!

Malcolm Sharp… yea if you got 2 legs that work, or a back that doesnt cause mega pain moving, suppose those people can stay in all day and not annoy others

Els Wilcox… It’s ONE bit of road. If you’re that desperate to go out on that day on that piece of road. Then that’s sad. I’m sure you can go up the back of white rock just for one day?

Tim Moose Bruce… Artic lorries going along there. That will be fun…..

Gerry Powell…Sustainable transport altenatives? We don’t see a bus between 6:30 p.m. Saturday until 7:30 a.m. Monday

Freddie Smith… Who’s silly idea was this. This will cause disruption on the day and make no long term impact to daily car use. Just a meaningless political gesture!

Mark Rodrigues… ironically to take the family from where I live, will need to drive close by and park up, will probably go!

John Beeching… What is wrong with using St Margret’s Road? It’s only about 500 meters for goodness sake.

Fiona Evans… A very long detour – longer time to get from A to B + more emissions, + more frazzled nerves,+etc., etc.= less time to enjoy the day ! CRAZY CRACKPOT IDEA !.

Andre Martin… Before the county council messed up the town centre in Hastings, it was possible to ruote all front line traffic off by the Royal Victoria, then going east to wards the top end of Norman road, straight thro to St Margarets, then back up behind the WRP and round onto Bohemia Road, and then back down via Memorial to join Queens Road or Castle Street and back on front line. I know did it many times with M&D buses. And it was also in the days when you had busses almost every 10 minutes till evening and then reduced to about every 15 minutes -oh that also included Sundays. Plus the normal traffic local and through east and west. This is a really silly idea, not thought out well at all.

Kev Carleonis… Bloody stupid idea. A road is a road and needs to be one!

Jack Irving… And the sun is the sun but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be sunny every day!

Mark Mackenzie… Good chance for the council to fix the Pot holes.

Andrew Reid McDuffie… What a fuss over nothing. Automotive culture is pretty grim, we need to look beyond it, if possible

Margaret Trowell… I’m all for saving the planet and use the buses as much as I can but this does seem a bit ludicrous. What if a fire breaks out on the seafront with stallholders etc blocking the road? Why does it have to be right there? Surely plenty of other roads more suitable without such massive disruption could have been chosen, Sunday or not? Yesterday the seafront was blocked for an incident of some kind and traffic was in total chaos. Very silly, daft idea. Do it somewhere else

Kathy Wood… It seems pointless to close one small section of the road. It wont stop people driving which should surely be the whole point of the exercise

Alan Vale… Well Hastings council with their excessive parking charges and restrictions have helped shut down the town already, which means less high street businesses and less money coming into the town already, meantime people will have to drive further to get round causing even more polution

Andre Martin… Ok having followed this theme – too keep people satisfied, perhaps the solution would be to move this  toT HE TOWN CENTRE  THERE ARE ONLY LIMITED THROUGH ROUTES and these could go round, or for Station REVERSE the in/out ways for the day. THIS WOULD also help any tailbacks and subsiquent jams, thus enabling the EMERGENCY SERVICES a better chance if asked. And anything that can help access to CONQUEST HOSPITAL has to be a bonus. And why not make use of BOTTLE ALLEY, THE PROMENADE, DARE I ADD THE PIER and what about WHITE ROCK GARDENS and THE OVAL. OK limited car parks and use public transport, now they would still be able to keep to time right across the area] AND WALK!

Richard J Porter… I still think Kings Road would be ideal. Some of us have very limited walking ability.

Malcolm Sharp… Carers who go to old folk who need help feeding etc, carers only get certain amount of time for eachclient, so walking to one or 2 might be hard.


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