Johnnie Walker Sounds Of The 70’s – White Rock Theatre Hastings 20th February 2020

Johnnie Walker’s long-running BBC Radio 2 show is set to tour the UK in 2020 featuring a full live band. Following the success this year of Tony Blackburn’s Sounds of the 60s live tour, which has enjoyed a long run of sold out performances across the UK, legendary DJ Johnnie Walker will take BBC Radio 2’s popular Sounds of the 70s radio show on the road in 2020

More information and tickets…

Clive Garrard… Is Johnnie still having evenings talking about his autobiography? I would love to go to one of them,as I really enjoyed his autobiography.

Alan Esdaile… I have read it as well Clive. Its a good read.


The Savages – early 1990s

Supplied by Jack Irving

Angi Antinori, Dave Dix, Jack Irving and Tony Dangerfield

and with Screaming Lord Sutch…

Neil Partrick… They look pretty…..brutal… There’s a girl band with the same name these days (pretty good, Marc Riley has played them on 6 Music). Also a very good if bleak film about a decade or more ago with the late and much lamented Philip Seymour Hoffman. Sorry lads as I don’t know anything about you though, being a DFL….