Lintonian Club Winchelsea – Mike O’Malley, Peters & Lee and Gerry Monroe – August 1973

Jim Breeds… Pity about the ‘ in “Peter’s”! Also why was Sally portrayed as a hooker? Never heard of the club.

Paul Huggett… Prior to being the Lintonian, it was the 58 Club – a notable, not to say notorious, place for a right old booze-up and live music often the Trowell brothers’ King,Rod and Co, with after hours drinking if you bought a “meal”, i.e. an interestingly flavoured meat pie…. Some fun nights were had – from what I can remember…….

Pete Millington… We (SPYKE – Ian Williams, Ginger Millington and Terry Chedzoy) played there (Lintonian Club) very regularly between 1973 and 1975. Great crowd and so many laughs to look back on.

Rolling Stones being escorted off Hastings Pier 1st August 1964.


photo credit Associated Press. Thanks to Kenneth Roberts for this and also Jim Breeds and Alex Chapman for posting.

Andre Martin… The Stones were escorted from the Pier entrance, the clock tower in effect to the Ballroom by the Police under the supervision of the late Sgt Dobson, the had previously travelled from the Police HQ near the Queens Hotel in the back of an Ambulance. Their exit was in reverse order, this was confirmed in the Post[after]action report from the Chief Constable Mr Brown on the whole of the weekends events, and is available to read at the Keep, County Records Office Falmer.

Anne Wells… they appear to be escorted by twin police officers! A few of us (girls) were allowed backstage to meet the Stones, via a friend’s father from the County Youth Service.

Alan Esdaile… Does anyone know if this came from the Richard Houghton Book – You Had To Be There?

Kevin Burchett… I was there when they arrived by ambulance we had taken my older sister there to see them with a couple of her friends we lived in netherfield at the time and we stayed for a while by the toilets before you went in the main hall and listened to them play i was only 11 at the time

Kenneth Roberts… No Alan this one is Mark Paytress -The Rolling Stones -Off The Record , outrageous opinions & unrehearsed interviews, great book.

Pete Fisher… unfortunately I was too young to be able to go to this legendary gig on the pier in my home town Hastings, on the otherwise sleepy south east coast of England…52 years ago today…

Malcolm McIntyre Kinnear… Meaning you were too young for Thursday night Twisting Time, which looking back was probably a good thing. Mind you getting in for Alex Harvey……well.

Pete Fisher… all past my bedtime, as I was only nine, but I was actually quite good at the twist..

Jill Caine… I was there.

Sarah Foreman… I have it on good authority that the policeman on the left of Mick Jagger is Jack Hopkinson. I know his son Ray Hopkinson.

Iain Cobby… My mother Joyce who sadly passed away this March was working at the Pier Bingo in the Theater that day. I was only 9 at the time so I was too young to go. I asked my mum to get their autographs for my book (I had Lenny the Lions!). Next morning I was presented with all 5 Stones signatures on the back of a bingo ticket. For many years it took pride of place on the wall of my room. Unfortunately I lost the ticket in the loft of my then home some 25 years ago. Gutted.