Biddy The Tubman – Blue plaque event – Sunday 11th August 2019

BIDDY THE TUBMAN BLUE PLAQUE Event! Sunday 11th August 2019 – 15:30pm – 17 West Street, Old Town, Hastings

Official Unveiling by Christian Burton (Chairman Hastings Winkle Club) & James Edward Bacon (Deputy Mayor of Hastings)

or more information… Sue Church

photo Kathy Wood

photos by Jim Breeds

Roger Simmonds… I remember him well !

Alan Pepper… Have just been watching him on old silent film in the twenties great stuff ! They’re pushing the boat out for him lol

Jacqueline Marsh… I can remember seeing him he was amazing

Jeanette Jones… I remember him coming round selling fish “Biddy’s the Best”.

Tony Court-holmes… we were there, good to see so many people

Lloyd Johnson… What a star Biddy was!….remember seeing him endless times in the 50s….us kids Love him!…. I’m just thinking it surely couldn’t have been this Biddy doing his tricks in the barrel in the 50s .He would have been in his 70s but maybe it was …does anyone know….it was near The Pier that I use to see him with my Mum & Grandparents…I remember his tub overturning and he would disappear and everyone thought he was drowning.

Amanda Hilton… remember my grandad telling me about Biddy

Alan Esdaile… Remember seeing him in the sixties and my mum went in his tub when she was young.

Lloyd Johnson… Here you go! Here’s Biddy for all those that never saw him perform…a great piece of film!…it makes feel so happy to watch this !…proof that our happy childhood was real and not a distant fantasy we look back on in old age!….

Peter Fairless… Thanks Lloyd.

Lloyd Johnson… It’s great to see him like this isn’t it?…if I remember correctly he lived behind Priory road secondary modern boys school in the late 50s when I went there and use to let the kids park their bikes in his garden if the school bike shed was full….lovely old chap!…

Peter Fairless… I didn’t ever see him perform, Lloyd, so this is fascinating. I’m wondering if James Bacon could ever be persuaded to do a reenactment?

Lloyd Johnson… maybe you should start a FB group for him to do it for a Hastings Charity…..and people could send funds to go to the charity..

Colin Tapp… I was watching this on utube recently thought it could be a subject for my next painting

Alan Esdaile… Wonderful

Lynda Whatley… Remember seeing him when I was a child and lived in Hastings

Mick O’Dowd… Saw him many times. Entertaining!

Tony Court-holmes… my mum went in that tub

Tony May… A bit later than most but I wanted to do a nice job for this and so I’ve had to take my time. A great song and a wonderful moment dedicated to a great man…


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  1. Have just been watching him on old silent film in the twenties great stuff !
    They’re pushing the boat out for him lol


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