Pete Kelly’s Solution – Hastings Pier 31st August 1968

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..Pete Kelly’s Solution – 31st August 1968 – Originally known as Rhythm & Blues Inc., with Pete Kelly on vocals and Ollie Halsall (later of Timebox and the Rutles) on drums, and hailing from the Liverpool area, this group prospered locally with its soul sound but never found its niche as a recording outfit. Its one and only single for English Decca, “If Your Love Don’t Swing” b/w “Midnight Confessions,” never charted in England but found its way overseas and also onto various reissues over the decades. Ollie Halsall was one of my guitar heros and discovered him when I listened to Patto (roll ’em Smoke ’em Put Another Line Out)

David Miller… Ollie Halsall was and still is one of my hero’s too. I also first heard him and the rest of the band on “Roll’em, Smoke’em…” and there was no looking back…especially after “:Loud Green Song” . Big fan of his playing and contributions to The Rutles (along with Admiral Halsey from The Pattos’ too…).

Pete Fisher… interesting…I think by this time Ollie was playing vibes with Timebox…it was Tony Qunta who first introduced me to Ollie’s guitar genius when he brought round Patto’s 2nd album “Hold Your Fire” in 71/72…recommend the Ollie Halsall and Patto fan page here at FB, and the website…

David Miller… Some very splendid soloing when Ollie was with Alan Holdsworth in Tempest.


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