Group Therapy – 1967


Anyone able to confirm names?

Chris Baker… No idea, sorry. Played there a few times. Stonking crowd! When the policeman came to complain about the noise they picked him up and chucked him in the sea!

Alan Esdaile… I think Mick O’Dowd mentioned before that Robin Farrant(of Farrant & Reid) was in the band????

Mick O’Dowd… Yes he was. Can’t see him in pic though.

Trevor Spears… Looks like Paul Burton at the front,i think robin Farrant and possibly Merfyn Ashdown!  Think the drummers name was Bob Drewett?

Lloyd Johnson… It is Paul Burton…😀😀👍🏻

Andre Martin… Yes Robin in the back, left hand side.

Pete Millington… Not sure whether Chris Sayer was in Group Therapy or not. Later in 1967 SPYKE were formed which included Chris Sayer, Paul Burton and me. The Sailing Club was also on our gig venues. Great times apart from the sewage coming up through the toilets at high tide.

Andre Martin… Now that really is a flash back Hastings Style – read into the advert the influence and choice of wording of one Mr Alan Jensen of The Disc Jockey Fame [and other activities]

Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers – Witch Doctor 7th September 1965


Andre Palfrey-martin collection 

Peter Millington…He did another stint in 1987 at the second Big Beat Reunion – did you miss that too? He was a master of live performance and such a genuine bloke, proud to have played on the same bill with him and chatted.

Caz Simpson… Sadly I did miss it, he’s a top notch bloke and very underrated

Mick O’Dowd… Always one of my faves.

Andre Martin… Remember a gig with these boys in Summer 67 at The Surf City Club, Tunbridge Wells. They were booked in for a special night, it was usually disco remember working the venue for several months in 1967 9.00pm – 2.00am all that I can recall was it was small and over some shops in Monsoon Road I think access not the best, but in those days all I needed were records, equipment was all built in and provided by Management.

Mike Knights… I know this gets a little bit boring, but yes I was at this one to.

Lloyd Johnson… I saw them at The Assembly Rooms in Tunbridge Wells in 1964. Fast forward to 1981 and I had a visit from a shipping agent at our Kings Road Shop. The company was Benco and the person who came to see me was Cliff. He became our shipping agent. Several years later when Chris Sayer and I were organising ‘The Big Beat Reunion’ on The Pier Cliff asked me if he could come down and join in, of course I jumped at the chance to have on the bill. I spoke to Chris about it and Henry Harvey, Jonah & Chris said we’ll back him!…they practiced for a hour with Cliff on the afternoon whilst we were dressing the stage. Cliff was so pleased to meet his old mate that was in The Searchers. We’d booked The Searchers as top of the bill. The night was a dream and a huge crowd showed up.

Paul Huggett… Great band. Saw Cliff and some of his originals at a Butlins 60s weekend a few years ago, still impressive. Chris Farlowe and the Zombies on the bill too.

Trevor Spears… I also saw them in 64 at Tunbridge Wells great band and supported by another good band The Preachers who later had a couple of members killed in a car crash! I was also in the support group in Lucerne Switzerland with them and the bass player was Chas Hodges and an amazing piano player Roy? cannot remember his surname!


Ice Cream Shop East Beach Street Old Town Hastings – 1970’s

Photo credit: Unknown

Alan Esdaile… my aunties ice cream shop, 1970’s.

these from my cousin – possibly late 1950’s?

Carol Ann Bolton…Flares!

Kaz Baker… more worried about the trunks

Tony Court-holmes… love the flares

Sandra Cunningham… My daughter worked there! For Joan and ???

Harry Randall… I had a pair of trunks like that but got banned from the swimming pool! Didn’t realise the “S” had fallen off the logo!

Kaz Baker… did you team them up with a pair of sandals

Dave Coleman… Remember that little shop very well

Perri Ann Haste… I used to buy a mixed cone from their with strawberry, chocolate & vanilla, he was a lovely patient man

Russell Forrest… Me too! Begged my mum for an ice cream whenever went past

Julie Findlay-Jones… My cousin bought me a silver ring from the shop with the orange canopy in the 60s still got it.

Jan Warren… Oh thats so beautiful, if only we still had those lovely little shops?! xx

Andy Qunta… Pretty sure I got ice cream from there more than once or twice!

Jacqueline Marsh… Me and my cuz Teddy White who lived behind in the Hastings Wall flats use to go to the shop there that sold Candy Floss. We would get loads of the used sugar, eat tons of it and then come out in a rash which kept us off school. Did it several times until Aunty Nell his mum realised what we had been up to! wonderful memories

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