Von Ryan’s Express – Gaiety Cinema & The Beatles Help, Curzon Cinema September 1965

Dennis Torrance… Always liked Frank not only a great cool singer but made some good films to

Patrick Lewis… Saw them both in ‘65’ when they came out.

Coco Pops… You’ll get the Iron Cross For This Von Ryan!!!!

Tony Court-holmes… saw then as well

Fake record shop Revo Records set up, in George Street Hastings for new Swedish film

photo: Royston Du Maurier-Lebek

Royston Du Maurier-Lebek… People probably did not notice yesterday in the pouring rain but a new second hand record shop has opened in Albion Buildings in George St Old Town Hastings. They have taken over one of the book shops opp “Fig Cafe” Next door to the George St entrance to The Albion Pub. THE SHOP I think is called “RevoRecords”

Bob Tipler… It’s just a fake one being set up for today as a set for the Swedish film that is being shot locally.

Pete Brazier… Got to give it a visit!

Mick St Michael… A bootleg record shop!

Coco Pops… That’s the Old Book Shop! that use to be a clothes shop?

Tony Court-holmes… Baldocks, glad to get that of my chest