Trying to trace Roger Saunders 1066 Car Club, can you help?

John Warner asks… I was the second manager at the Witch Doctor way back in the 60’s. A well known character in those times was local man Roger Saunders, who founded the 1066 car club. I wonder if you heard of him or if he is still around.

Nadia Compagnone… Alive and kicking, living in St Leonards.

James Turner… If you want to get in touch with Roger go down Courthouse street and speak to Deeday, he still sees him.


Georgie Fame & Alan Price & compere Colin Bell – White Rock Pavilion 28th October 1973



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile… Can you remember who the support was Colin?

Matt Thomas… Probably played one of my favourite tunes ‘Rosetta’ 

Mick O’Dowd… Remember working on this one. I think it may have been Martin-Casson only gig at White Rock.

Colin Bell… I can’t be absolutely certain but I think they were called ‘Highway’, I remember the actual night very well as they were a heavyish rock band and the audience hated them! I should add that it wasn’t because Highway were bad far from it, it was just not what the audience were expecting as a support act, I liked them! The late Paul Casson and I hid in the bar til the second half when F & P did their set. Fortunately the night then ended well! Not the best night to be compere, especially in my home backstage it was clear F & P didn’t get on, they arrived separately didn’t speak a word to each other and left separately without a word. On stage together chemistry, offstage………Ah the memories!..