The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song On The Internet – could it be a local Hastings group? Can you Help?

Brandon Sub-Burger… Hello everyone, I’m here on behalf of a group of people searching for “The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet,” and I’ve come across a record called “Shadow” by The Dicemen on Discogs. I’ve seen some posts by some members of this group recollecting their memories of them. Do you know if this song is by them? And if not, do you know who?

Illustration by Kyle Rice © RollingStone

Rolling Stone article…

Alan Esdaile… Anyone help with this? Is it The Dicemen??? Any ideas

Lesley Bowles… I think someone I worked with was in a band called the Dicemen?? It would have been the early 1980s and they did record a single, I had a copy but don’t recall the title….

Brandon Sub-Burger… does this job your memory? These are 4 tracks that have been mentioned on the internet, they’re off their EP “Shadows.” I’m guessing they have more songs than this, but they haven’t been mentioned anywhere. How common was it for bands back then to record and publish their music, even on a small scale?

Mike Mitchell… The only person I’m still in contact with from The Dicemen from the early ’80s is Allen Blackford. I was in a band also called the Dicemen in the early 2000’s but I don’t think either band is anything to do with the song in question

Andy Knight… I have studio versions of Tombstone, Clause and On the Edge and a 30 min live set which if I remember rightly was at the Falaise Hall in 1982, I always wrote on the tape boxes Harry and the Dicemen if that is a clue

Brandon Sub-Burgers… Did The Dicemen write the mystery song?  If not, do they sound similar to the mystery song?

Andy Knight… The mystery song is very similar to Tombstone by the Dicemen, around the right time, early 80’s, but not the same. The mystery song sounds like the Dicemen after a bit more experience and a better studio then I had then. Really enjoyed listening to the tracks again. Alan can you find out where Harry is now, and the rest of the Dicemen.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone help with the whereabouts of The Dicemen? Who were Richard Burley, Harry Rogers and Nick Barnard. I have written to Nick at the last email address I have for him. If I hear anything I will let you know.

Clive Vale Hotel – 1973

Alan Oliver…  I used to own that place! 1989 ish.  I called it The New Clive Vale with Dave Gurney as manager.

Nick Prince… Im sure that it had the name Oliver’s above it and around 1989 time. It had an entrance at first floor level in Alfred Road. I never went.

Alan Oliver… Yes the upstairs ‘Function Room’ was called Olivers. The pub was called ‘The New Clive Vale’ Ray agreed to rent the whole place from me.

John Austin… That brings back memories !

Jim Breeds… Many family “do’s” upstairs there. “Cathy on the organ”! Now you tell me!

Andy Qunta… And the governor with his back teeth submerged!

Virginia Davis… Would prefer it to still be there rather than the monstrosity that’s replaced it

Peter Thomson… Was this a spoof? Made me laugh – looks so much like a ‘Viz’ ad. And who was Clive Vale anyway?

Mark Gilham… Clive Vale’s the bloke illustrated on the ad with the tankard

Roxine Lucas… I remember going there with my late father had some good nights there

Nick Prince… I remember going there when Electric Ray had it. What a character. Lol

Lucy Pappas… We used to go there after youth club. Underage drinking wasn’t such a big deal at that time!

Chris Meachen… Spent many an evening there in the 70’s.. Dedicated much of my time to ensuring the pub’s mynah bird was the sweariest & most foul-mouthed in the town…

Ernest Ballard… Trust you Chris ha ha

Mary Lipscombe… Known as monkey island!

Tony Court-holmes… used to sell back in the day some bloody good rough cider

A Band Of Angels – Hastings Collage 30th October 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… As its Halloween at the moment, if we think back – this is about the college, here is something that I know will be of interest to many, On Friday evening 30th October 1964, in the old Gymnasium at the College in Archery Road, we held our Halloween Dance – Top of the Bill, A Band of Angels, featuring Mike d’Abo and the supporting band whose name slips my memory for the moment, bass guitar one Noel d’Abo [ student and well known member of the college]. We do not have any press adverts for this, but I have found the following press cutting from the local Observer, about a visit made by the group to AJs show in Queens Road. I am sorry the photo is very dark, but Mike can just be seen in the back row.