The Crypt in Hastings is Back! Reopens on the 15th November 2019

Olli Hopkins…THE CRYPT IS BACK! – Bigger and better than ever… For those who remember The Crypt at its sweaty peak, it’s now back on the Hastings live music scene…After closing in 2011, The Crypt in Hastings is re-opening its original doors on Havelock road on 15th November. There will be thousands of people with long-lasting memories of seeing some of the biggest names in British music pass through this vaulted space over the years on their rise to stardom.

It will all be kicking off with a live performance from the band Jesus Jones. November 15th is the official date that the original doors will re-open.Tickets are available to the grand-opening event online – on…/H…/The-Crypt/Jesus-Jones/13593566/ – or on the door. It will take place on 15th November at 7:30pm, through the original doors on Havelock road.

Jim Peckham… I used to go there back in the 70s

John Wilde… Forgotten how many times we played there.

Phil Thornton… Yes many gigs going back to the the York and Crypt days!

Louis Wiggett… Played my first gig there at 15 years of age!


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