Steve Maxted photos and chat about George

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photos supplied by Jozef Maxted

Jim Breeds… Brilliant 🙂

Caz Simpson… Oh wow! That brings back so many memories!

Janine Anne Hemsley… OMG

Eric Harmer… I remember going on stage on the down a yard of beer comp

Caz Simpson… Does anyone remember George? The lovely guy who always ate the raw eggs

Kevin Burchett… I  remember George I think he came over from Bexhill he was always on the stage

John Wilde… George was never afraid to get out on the floor and be the first to dance.

Mick Knights… He also walked from Bexhill and back every evening!

Andre Martin…. Steve [ with the shades] taken at the Black Umbrella Promotions Day for PYE records at Shepperton Studio – mid 1970s, he is standing next to the handsome hairy one – ME !!


Pete Pursglove… ha ha remember him well ,good show he used to do

Joe Knight… What happened to him?

Alan Esdaile… He’s still going strong Joe. Lives in Rye/Camber area and hoping to get a few comments from him to post here via his son Jozef.

Steve Maxted… happy to join this excellent group. A couple of months ago, a roadie of mine from the Aquarius, Eugene Hughes, traced George. We found him and took him out, looks the same as those days, still a lovely man. On another day, Eugene brought him to my house where my family meet him. A legend.

Caz Simpson… How absolutely lovely, welcome Steve! I remember him playing ‘Smoking a Long Cigarette’ x

Caz Simpson… That’s the one Alan, Steve played it a lot.

Steve Maxted… So glad Caz you remember that record. I loved it. Well done Alan for finding it. I just listened,  great!

Eugene Hughes… Thursday night working for Steve at the Aquarius. Midnight. Bosh>>>>

Caz Simpson… We always knew when the main man was on, Can’t Explain hailed the arrival.

Eugene Hughes… I used to play the records before Steve came on. I think you’ll find that I was the main man!!!!

Caz Simpson… Haha!

Alan Esdaile… I think I remember the tape of Diana Ross and others welcoming you to the Steve Maxted Show

Eugene Hughes… Blimey Alan. What a memory.

Steve Maxted… the tape that welcomed you to my shows, was Roger Daltrey saying ‘Welcome to the Steve Maxted show, who’s going to start the show off with an old record of ours called ‘I Can’t Explain’. You then hear the opening chords of the song. What nobody knew is That Pete Townsend actually played the chords for my tape! Also, during some shows, I would mess about with a drum stick, that was Keith Moon’s.


photo supplied by Eugene Hughes

Steve Maxted… that photo just put on by Eugene  shows the famous ‘George’, when we met him in a day care centre just before Christmas. An emotional reunion.

Mick Knights… Must be the best part of fifty years since I last saw him and that was most probably heading back off towards Bexhill!!!!!

Alan Esdaile… Recognise George, he hasn’t changed much, really nice guy.

Kevin Burchett… all legends and fantastic days

Sue James… Good times

John Wilde… George. You are special. I would love to see him.

Jacqueline Hillier… Thank You Kevin Burchett for sending me the Link I am So Enjoying Going through the Posts/Pics and Its bringing back so many Wonderfull Memories…

Dave Nattress… Another brilliant memory suddenly brought back – George – from Bexhill. Always the first on the dance floor. He really looks good.

John Warner… Steve Maxted ,I didn’t know you were still alive. You took over my Saturday Spin Show at the Star Ballroom when I moved to the Witch Doctor at Hasting. Best wishes  John Warner.

Kevin Burchett… really had some good nights at the AQUARIUS on thursday nights with the Steve Maxted show and its great to see hes still going strong i just looked at his profile he has changed a bit but looks super fit still

Nick Prince… Does Steve “Muscles” Maxted steve travel around by Space Hopper? He’s a braver man than me if he does? My space hopper career came to an abrupt end around 1972-3 time.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Eugene saw George not too long ago & I believe he visited him with Steve Maxted too. Thursday night’s were the best! Lots of Motown 😊 I had my first alcoholic drink at the Aquarius – half a cider – made it last all night!!! I was employed as a glass collector a couple of hours a night & worked with Ricky Coombes & Martin Buss – tragically both killed in a car accident during that time, so sad & both very young

Rex… Remember Steve from the Tudor house bearsted, also Dave and Lew,and John De sade

John Warner… Leysdown!

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  1. Another brilliant memory suddenly brought back – George – from Bexhill. Always the first on the dance floor. He really looks good.

  2. Steve Maxted ,I didn’t know you were still alive.You took over my Saturday Spin Show at the Star Ballroom when I moved to the Witch Doctor at Hastings.
    Best wishes John Warner.

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