Continental College, Witch Doctor Dance Floor & HiFi Ad – Andre Martin


Andre Martin….The Continental College, was in the old Pitmans College buildings and they ran a Sunday Night Youth Club, a way of getting their resident students to mix with locals, this was first a Jazz Club, but by 1962/3 The Confederates we almost the resident group – Pete Millington for info

The Witch Doctor


The famous Witch Doctor Club floor

Hi-Fi Club


All info & cuttings  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Millington…..I played as a member of The Confederates in both. The Nest Club was at the very end of Trinity St. and is still a coffee house although the music in the Nest Club days was downstairs. The Contenental College had live music for the students (to keep them in rather than mix with the dodgy locals I think) every Sunday afternoon/evening. That would have been in 1962/3- great fun for us starting out with our ambitions to become a big group ha ha

Caz Simpson… Witchdoctor, I’ll never tire is seeing this.

Mick O’Dowd… Remember it Well.

Jane Hartley… was too young, did go to a Christmas party with my mum, Cobweb I think!

Colin Norton… Amazing place! Great atmosphere and crowd!

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Record?


Alan Esdaile… Still this one for me..

Peter Fairless… The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping, Gabriella Cilmi – Warm This Winter, Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run, Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and Cristina Monet – Things fall apart xmas christmas music.

Jim Breeds… River – Joni Mitchell.

Paul Morfey… We saw Cara Dillion do this at St Mary in the Castle on Saturday, brought tears to my eyes!!

Colin Fox… I Hate Christmas – Weekend Rockstars

Mark Gilham… Neighbourhood Tom Waits. Not an actual seasonal release but definitely my favourite Christmas record

Wendy Weaver… I wanna a Mistress for Christmas AC/DC

Joe Knight…  Any by ‘SLADE  and silver bells (Bing ).

Colin Norton… Jackson Browne – The Rebel Jesus

Paul Morfey…. How about Sparks on the “Kimono my house” album “Thank God its not Christmas”

Will Cornell… I’ll go one better Alan, the whole album of A Christmas Gift For You  by Phil Spector.

Robert Searle… Greg Lake for me

Tony Davis… I always like The Pogues – Fairytale of New York and Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas

Paul Morfey… O.k. its got to be ‘Another Christmas song’ Jethro Tull, not to be confused with’ Christmas song’ Jethro Tull. ( thats good too)

Barry Newton… Its Over by Roy Orbison, LOL

Liane Carroll… 6 ferrerro roche in one minute. Just before Queenie’s speech!!!!!!!

Roy Trunchion… Hells bells.

Clifford Rose… Christmas Day by Squeeze (1979)

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Georgie Fame and His Band plus The Circuit Hastings Pier 2nd December 1967

Eric Harmer… One of his best songs. Sitting in the park 👍👍

Wendy Wells… Love that song.

Mick O’Dowd… The original by Billy Stewart is also great. Check it out Eric.

Mick Knights… Pretty sure he played the Witch Doctor around 1965

Alan Esdaile…  I got it down that he played The Witch Doctor on 18th Oct 1964 Mick.

Janie Lowe…  I was there Georgie was amazing i also was impressed by Zoot Money

Chris Jolly… Back in the 70s I pulled over to assist in North London as a friend of mine’s van I thought I recognised had broken down. It was indeed a fellow roadie and Ian Leake said he was fine but could I just run his passenger home which I duly did. It was in fact Georgie Fame…

Alan Esdaile… Get Away, Chris!

Steve Conway and the Hastings Girls Choir

The Hastings Girls Choir – Hastings Pier. photo source: Bernard Glazier.

The closing number At The End Of The Day  always ended Radio Luxembourg’s transmissions

Nick Prince… Steve Conway died of a heart defect st the incredibly young age of 31 in 1952. has a FB page in his memory which is run by his grand children.

photos by Marie Richardson.