Tesco Church Wood Drive Hollington – 1980

Dave Nattress… Just back from the current Tesco store at Church in the Wood!  Am I right in thinking that the present store is actually the third generation store on this site?  It’s obviously certainly the second but I think the first was built way back maybe not so soon after the roads around were built, then I think it was quite comprehensively re-built and enlarged then finally it was completely knocked down and the whole new, (present) store was built?

Peter Houghton… I think that the first one was built then they sort of half knocked down the store so just to keep it open just to sell the basics until the new one was built as it is now

Oliver James Leonard… They didn’t keep it very long

Barry French… I think that the Tesco’s that preceded the 1980 Church Wood store is the building that is currently occupied by Pound Stretchers in Wellington Square.
I could be completely wrong, but I think it was opened around 1969  either  by Ronnie Corbett  or Olympic  Athlete David Emery. The store was on two floors with groceries on bottom floor  & cloths on the top floor.  Apologies if I’m talking a load of nonsense!!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Barry, it was in the Pound Stretchers shop in Wellington Square and before that they had a small shop next to where McDonalds is now.

Martin Richter… i *think* that was Sainsbury’s ? marble counters and you paid at the back ?

Alan Esdaile… Sainsburys was a couple of shops along from Tesco, Martin and remember the marble counters.

Martin Richter…photo of me waring a  t-shirt bought from Tesco’s in Wellington Sq

Wendy Weaver… It was in Wellington Square when I moved to Hastings in October 1979.

Hello – Hastings Pier 11th January 1975


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Yvonne Cleland…..Thanks Andre! I was at the front for this one!

Yvonne Cleland…  I was in the front row for this! Still young and foolish and I thought the lead singer was cute. I now realise he was a strutting little peacock hahaha  

Patrick Lewis… I was at the Barclay James gig at end of Jan 75. They were truly awesome ( to use an overused present day adjective). The opener was Medicine Man; quite stunning! Probably one of the most underrated British bands of the era.

Chris Meachen… Went backstage at the end of the Lindisfarne gig to find them standing in the corridor, with a roadie booting ineffectively at the door of their dressing room, they having locked themselves out.. I moved the roadie aside, then took a flying leap, bursting the door open.. That earned me, & the other volunteer stage hands a crate of Newcastle brown.. These were a great bunch of blokes, & very entertaining, on stage & off…

Peter Fairless… No, New York Groove is too soon, Alan. They didn’t release that for the best part of another year. The hit at the time was their version of ‘Tell Him’…

Alan Esdaile… Oops! They had a few hits and were great live. I did interview the lead singer with some questions set by Melody Maker.

img591 img590

Michael Wilson…  ‘Back in the Hastings Groove!’

Dave Weeks… Blimey. I went to that one. God knows why!!!

Gary Kinch… Think I gave that one a miss, no regrets ……went to the Lindisfarne gig on the 17th though. It would have been my 18th birthday weekend. Lindisfarne on Friday, Birthday Sunday.