Where did you buy your first record?

photo source: Memory Lane U.K https://www.facebook.com/Memory-Lane-UK-408060289608201/?hc_ref=ARRzg2xMzf0bsywbUewzTCkykZQCm8MTEZtTHY8c9ZTP2g235Pzp5De8LixUE4ye2uA&fref=nf&hc_location=group

Peter Fairless… The Disc Jockey

Lucy Pappas… The Disc Jockey! Words by the Bee Gees

Jim Breeds… The Record Shop. She Loves You. But anyone who listened to Alan’s radio show last week would already know that!

Mick O’Dowd… The Record Shop. Cathy’s Clown by Everlys.

James Johnson… The record shop Bowie ‘Breaking Glass’ – Chuck Berry ‘South of the Border’

Nanna Patt… Sounds To Go Holloway Road Islington

Judith Monk… The record shop – John Ogden and Vladimir Askenazy …not very rock n roll…

Pete Prescott… From the record shop In Sittingbourne high street. Sadly now gone.

Judy Struys… The shop in London Road. I’ve forgotten the name 1972.. It was my first ever pay packet. Deep Purple in Rock. I used to play Child in Time at full volume on the stereogram. My mother said desparingly “hasn’t that woman had her baby yet?”

Jim Breeds… My Dad’s stock comment for most of what I played on our stereogram (including DP In Rock) was “What the bloody hell is that racket supposed to be!?”.

Catherine Ireland… Jennery’s or Jenner’s in Devonshire rd Bexhill. Do the Huckle buck, I think

Arthur Sutherland…  I’m sure we have been here before, but I didn’t buy my first record, my late father did. He bought three for a pound which were The Beatles, I Feel Fine, Slim Whitman, Anniversary waltz, and Richard Tauber, Oh Vienna Mine. He gave them to me along with a record player he built and he got them and all the parts except the casing fro, it was almost next doorm a little corner shop which did electronics repairs called Methvens radio, on Raeburn Place in Edinburgh, it was almost next door.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I saved up my pocket money & bought two on the same day – from the Merlin Library, Hamrun in Malta where I was living in the 60s!

Dennis Torrance… Stylus bottom of stonestreet first Lp beach boys then got into led zep deep purple and various rock albums

Martin Hurren… Regis Record Center, Holderness Road Hull.

Terry Huggins… The Disk Jockey in Queen’s Road.

Ian Mantell… Stylus, Castle Street, but soon converted to Disc Jockey and then Mason’s Music

Angela Frances Gardner… The Disc Jockey in Queens Rd, Hastings !

Sid Saunders… Woolworth on the Embasy label, Cover version of Johnny Ray singing in the rain.

Nicola Dobson… Me too

Alan Wood… Had to order my first record in newsagent in Robertsbridge, Sherry-4 seasons ,

Peter J Brazier… Woolworths!

Jeff Belton…  Woolworths in Eltham SE9.

Alan Esdaile… From Jack London at The Record Shop, Bee Gees first album and then got some ex jukebox records from The Lido.

Janine Anne Scott… Disc Jockey

Julie Morris… Boots in Robertson Street (upstairs!). Blackfoot Sue – Standing in the Road

Graham Belchamber… Bottom of Western Road in Bexhill, shop next to Library sold books and records

Alan Pepper… The Disc Jockey 1970 Motown Chartbusters Vol 3 ! First single Long shot kick de bucket by The Pioneers . Funny how we can’t forget these trivial things .

Nick Prince… The Disc Jockey in Hastings. However, The Record Shop was also a firm favourite for more specialised stuff with me for over thirty years. Jack and Sonia stocked the top forty chart singles right up into the mid 1980’s.

Val Neeson… A1 stores walworth rd

Jules Stretton… The record shop iIthink ( on the corner of top end in queens rd)
It was hot rod !! Baby Jane xx

Ernest Ballard… The Left Bank. Sidwell st Exeter Devon. Loved the listening booths in the shop and headphones. Great experience

Jacquie Hinves… Victor Values just off the Queens Road! It went on to be one of the first Tesco’s stores. Wellington Square. Rolling Stones record circa 67!

Maggie Geary… Berwick street market Oxford circus in london – also deep purple!!! First single – killing me softly

Mike Wright… Wheatlands Furniture Shop Harrow Road W9…..a heap of Top Rank discs

Frank Van Keulen… my first record? i’ll never forget, it was in the early 70’s, it was a copy of a Black Sabbath album who was just released, and the name of the record shop was “de platenkampioen” op de loosduinseweg in The Hague

Martin Curcher… My parents bought me after I had obviously asked them: Rolf Harris – Tutankhamun from Disc Jockey

Shane Wright… Stylus The bump by kenny..lol

Amanda Brooks… Woolworths in St Albans.

Barry Upton… The record shop son of my father chicory tip

Chris Meachen… The disc jockey, & the record was ‘she loves you’

Dawn Baker… Two little boys was my first record i owned but two tribes frankie goes Hollywood i bought myself from debenhams

Tony Davis… I can certainly remember buying Joe Browns Live album from Jack when he was in Queens Road and that was only a little later than my first single

Nick Prince… I am sure they told me the first Queens Road shop was four of five doors up from the one on the corner of Stone Street. I do have photo’s of the Norman Road one, it started off at wherever it was that Jack worked as a teenager as a box of 78’s by the till. This box of 78’s became two boxes and then three boxes etc etc and then a section of the shop, until it took over and effectively became the first Record Shop…. for a short while, until he and Sonia moved to the first Queens Road premises. I do have copies of photos of the Norman Road Shop with dates on the back which Jack kindly did for me. They were a very modest couple and could not understand that they would be a part of local history and talked about for decades and decades and decades to come. I recall that unique Jack London laugh when he handed them to me. My entire archive will be left to the museum and library but I will definitely try and get something together for the 75th anniversary of the Norman Road Record Shop, which isn’t actually that far away. We all know that The Record Shop was called the Record Shop because it was THE Record Shop. There was none other in the borough. It was the first and only one for many many years.

Alan Esdaile… Look forward to seeing them posted on the site Nick.

Ralph Town… Nottingham Victoria Market.S/H copy of Metal Guru

Stuart Moir… Ealing west London

Liz Dees Dianto… I bought mine furher up Queens road, Hastings. The record shop !

 Clifford Rose… The Record Shop, as it was nearest to where I lived. I did like their ‘out of chart singles’ box. at 33p you could get three singles for the pound instead of the normal two.

Julie Finch… Kissing in the back row by the drifters 25p at music box in brixton

Roger Simmonds… Bill haley and the comets cant remember where i bought it !!

Roy Trunchion… Art Nash in penge. Hendrix, voodoo Chile.  First record I ever got, think it was about 5 bob.

Linda Crane… Disc jockey I got you babe,Sonny and Cher

Gerry Fortsch… The news agents in Robertsbridge.

Cliff Wootton.. Jack & Sonia London’s Record Shop. Of course!!! I want you back by the Jackson 5

Samoan Joe… Gilchrists in Camber. Pete had some old 45’s from a pub jukebox and was selling them off cheap. I must’ve been about eight!

Arthur Sutherland… I do wish that those who didn’t name the shop or the town had done so, it’s another memorable thread in the making as these old record shops are now all gone, unless of course you know better.

Anne Murray… Woolworths

Peter Houghton… I used to buy my records from Beanys record shop in sackville road or Jennerys in Devonshire Road both in bexhill or the disc Jockey when i went to Hastings

Robert Searle… The Record Chest, Harold Hill,Romford, Essex.

Tom James Cowan… Small Wonder Walthamstow Pete Stennet the grumpy but amusing owner, (come on you bastards, buy something) also record label, killing an arab Cure first single among others…also sold tickets for Final Solution shows… Joy Division Psychedelic Furs etc…

Tony Court-holmes… Gary Trent dads shop in Bohemia Road about 1962

Angela France Gardner… Probably in the Disc Jockey in Queens Rd?!

Conan Howard… East Lane market, just off the old Kent road. Second hand copy of Pretty blue eyes around 1960 ish I think

Pauline Richards… 7little girls sitting in back seat. From Jack Londons

Kevin White… Disc Jockey, Queens Road Hastings, can’t remember what it was though.

David Edwards… Big Al’s, the disc jockey in Queens Road

Alan Mitchell… Disc Jockey High Street – Buddy Holly- Listen to me EP – sold to me by John Hodgeson future Mayor of Hastings

Ralph Town… Whites records,Victoria Market,Nottingham.S/H copy of Metal Guru by T.Rex.

Les Moody… Woolworths Aylesbury, Mother and Child Reunion..Paul Simon

Janet Brophy… Disc Jockey High Street / John Hodgeson , Craig Douglas Only Sixteen

Keith Veness… Disc Jockey

Neil Cartwright… Harrison’s music shop, Hospital Street, Nantwich. Freddie and the Dreamers, I’m Telling You Now. Second one was She Loves You!

Judy Atkinson… Disc Jockey in Queen’s Road – accidentally bought “Knight in Rusty Armour” by Peter & Gordon, actually wanted the Barron Knights’ version but couldn’t remember their name. I was about 7

Steve Thorpe… Disc Jockey

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… The Who ~ My Generation, bought it in the Record shop at the top of Queens road,

Tony Ham… Rye Record and Denim.

Chris Meachen… Disc jockey.. I think it was ‘She loves you’…

Jack Irving…Gloria’s Record Bar. Glasgow..

Paul Huggett… Arthur Wilson’s in Rye.

Tim Moose Bruce… Slade , cum on feel the noize. From Boots in Bexhill.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Merlin Library, Hamrun, Malta…yep, random I know but was living there at the time!

Steve Bartholomew… 1981 This ole house – Shakin Stevens . WH Smith’s 60p !!!!

Tony Davis… Disc Jockey when it was the top end of Queens Road. It was Cliff Richard The Young Ones. I was 10.

Tim Anderson… Woolworths

Caroline Moor… Diana Ross and the supremes…no idea where I bought it!!

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  1. The Disc Jockey 1970 Motown Chartbusters Vol 3 ! First single Long shot kick de bucket by The Pioneers . Funny how we can’t forget these trivial things .


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