What’s your favourite James Bond Theme.

james bond

What’s your favourite James Bond theme and what do you think of the new Sam Smith one? Bits of it remind me of Earth Song Michael Jackson! Here’s a list of James Bond themes.


Jim Breeds… The new one is dire. Don’t really have a favourite – many of them are really good.

John Wide… Matt Monro From Russia with Love.

Alan Esdaile… Yes Matt Monro for me and also rather like Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice.

Mark Gilham… It’s got to be Goldfinger surely? The one and only Dame Bass. 🙂

Alan Pepper… Mine is Live and Let Die by Wings . Great music although the actual film didn’t live up to the soundtrack . That’s only my opinion…..

Tony Davis… I quite like Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon but agree Dame Shirley is a real belter.

John Wilde… Love Carlys Nobody does it better. Not a fan of Bassey.

Matt Thomas… Definitely Carly Simon ‘Nobody Does It Better’ the first bond song that didnt have a same title as the film

Pete Fisher… Goldfinger was the first Bond film I ever saw, in the cinema in Hastings (with my Mum as it was “A” certificate), and the instrumental theme was the first thing I ever tried to play on the guitar…it was actually a session guy called Vic Flick on the recording, with the John Barry

Mark Rodrigues… Live and Let Die. Followed by Tomorrow Never Dies. Then A View to a Kill. Then Goldfinger. Diamonds are Forever. ACTUALLY OHMSS top.

Jeff Belton… 1) Skyfall 2) The Man With The Golden Gun 3) The Living Daylights 4) Goldeneye 5) Live And Let Die Could say them all, it was hard to pick my top 5.

Clive Garrard… Maccas live and let die, nobody does it better and from russia with love

Eric Harmer… I liked MATT mungos of mungo and Jerry fame doing from Russia with love

Will Cornell… I’m going to get ripped for this but Herb Albert’s take of the Bacharach “Casino Royale”. Probably the only thing good about the movie.

Pete Brazier… Thunderball

Dave Valentine… Nobody Does It Better. Not just my favourite Bond theme, but one of my all time favourite songs.

Roland Clarke… You only live twice, from Russia with love, casino royal, all the time in the world, nobody does it better, Live and let die, Goldfinger, nor in any particular order. Worst? Skyfall, awful dirge.

Jan Warren… “View to a Kill” by Duran Duran!!

Eco Jane… never watched a bond movie but fav song has to be Skyfall

Peter Bonner Presents Jon Hiseman (27th January 1983) Hastings Shop, Rock Jazz Workshop Diplocks and The Fender Hot Squad. 1983



supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… The Fender Hot Squad was held at Bonners Music Store Silverhill and I won a Fender TShirt for correctly answering a question about Jaco Pastorius.

Chris Meachen… I remember Jon Hiseman juggling drumsticks during his solo on the pier with ‘Tempest’. Found him very impressive…

Roy Penfold… As a teenager, spent far too long in Bonners drooling over the latest kit….

Janine Anne Scott… I knew Peter very well. I’m in contact with one of his sons still, Rick Bonner.

Ann Hohenkerk… It was an amazing shop, and Pete. Garry and Rick used to run a wide variety of workshops… Great times, great fun, and happy memories of working with them!

Mick Burt… I was there

Ernest Ballard… Great hand written poster. Before the printer and certainly before computers arrived

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s still around and active – he tours a lot as Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD. I play with him occasionally in The Hopdogs ceilidh band and The Lonnigans skiffle band. Great musician and lovely bloke.

Terry Pack… Rob Burns lives in New Zealand now. He is a University Professor, and has just finished writing a book about Progressive Rock (to which I made a small contribution).

Dave Weeks… Alan Murphy. Go West, mike and the mechanics? Died too young I believe.

Phil Little… SFX were a really good band. Used to see them at The Cricketers – Oval.

Paul Watson… I remember seeing Alan Murphy with the Hot Squad at a Bonners event in Diplocks, probably the same time. Great guitarist, left too soon.

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s alive and well and living in West Sussex. I play with him occasionally. Lovely chap, great musician and is currently Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD.