Fusion Orchestra – Hastings Pier 21st April 1973

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poster supplied by Mick Mepham. Leaflet supplied by Iain Cobby

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coloured photos supplied by Eddie Hazell Estate


Pier photo by Chris Meachen

Autograph poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Robin Trower is listed on the poster buy pretty sure he did not turn up. Any ideas who replaced him?

Mick Knights… Here we go again, Jilly and the mike stand, memories are made of this!

Phil Thornton… excellent band, brilliant gig !

Alan Esdaile… Agree Phil, brilliant gig.

Yvonne Cleland… yep!

Tony May… Fantastic pics Alan. I heard so much about this lot from Simon and these shots put meat on the bones.

Phil Thornton… another gig I was at ! if memory serves a spendid event !

Jan Warren… Oh WOW, brilliant pics, thank you, I saw this band many times and they had such a big impact on me!! – I’ve seen many “famous” bands over the years but Fusion Orchestra have always remained most in my head and my heart – their performances were amazing, the song-writing was genius and Jill Saward’s vocals and multi-instrumental talents were (and still are) the best ever!! – I am sooooo happy for the recently released cd “Fusion Orchestra Live at the Marquee 1974” – I woz there, I cant stop playing this cd, it takes me right back there, its amazing, I love you Fusion Orchestra, always and forever!

Andy Qunta… Great photos!


Anyone remember the free festival at Cow Gap Beachy Head asks Mick Gilfrin?

Mick Gilfrin asks… I have been trying to find out about a free fest @ cow gap Beachy Head -Skin Alley played before they became a bit well known. I think the art school were probably involved, around 1967 ish?

Jim Breeds…did Cliff perform?

Lesley Bowles… backed by his Seven Sisters?

Phil Gill… Or Dave Edmunds with Rock Pile?

Jane Hartley… Lighthouse family!

Tony Court-holmes… I remember one at three oaks in the 70s

Mike Waghorne… I remember one at Nutley in the early 70’s also one in Pett around the same time

Colin Bell… Yes were going to play …but they got too Close To The Edge……

Ballroom Dancing with Sandhurst Four – Hollington Youth Centre 28th January 1978

Anyone remember the Sandhurst Four?

Richard Moore… A close relation to the Sandhurst Trio, the only name that comes to mind is Ron Lancaster-Smith.

Kevin White… Are they the same band as the Sandhurst trio,+1? I played drums at tea dances for the trio at the Bathing Pool back in 1973/74. Only for a few months tho.The entertainments manager
kept asking me me to get a hair cut, then he would get me work on the cruise ships and the clubs up north. I just let my hair grow longer and joined a rock band….