Did you used to watch Wrestling and who was your favourite?

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Jo Avery… Yep seen them all! Used to go to the White Rock on a Wednesday. Had a massive crush on Steve Grey!

Chris Meachen… My mum was a fan of wrestling on tv, & she would shout at it too..

Dennis Torrance… Many years back saw big daddy wrestling was my first time watching. Was amazed at the woman there going mental running up to the stage shouting abuse was funny

Mike O’Dowd… Every Saturday afternoon with Kent Walton commentating. You all knew it was fixed but it was fun!

Anne Gower… Used to watch it with my Nan on Saturday afternoon

Wendy Weaver… I saw Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks (I think it was him) on the pier – late 70s. They just kept walking into one another’s’ stomaches until one fell over

Andre Martin… OMG Used to have to build the Ring for the Wrestlers at the White Rock Pavilion in the the 1960s, That had to be strong to take the weight and punding !

Alan Pepper… What a laugh that was ! Saturday afternoon after having fish and chips from Jones’s in Battle Road with all the family. What a fix though…. Ask him ref ! Noahh ! Noahh !

Tony Ham… Mark Rollerball Rocko, Kendo Nagasaki, Cyanide Sid Cooper, Mick McManus, Dave Fit Finlay, basically all the baddies.

John Warner… I was involved in wrestling in that we had it at the Strand Theatre club in Cheshire onthursday nights. The wrestlers used to some down from Manchester in a mini bus an all leave together. The wrestling in the north of England was run by Tommy Mann, himself a wrestler. Kendo Nagasaki was a joke, there were about 6 of them all different shapes and sizes. Happy days.

Colin Fox… Who was the little referee who used to throw himself around the ring in the 1960s?

Tony Ham… The ref I remember was Max Ward, he was a big bloke though.

Dawn Baker… They had wrestling on Wednesdays i think at the De la warr
I would go with my grandad. 😍 we even saw giant haystack and big daddy (whose real name was my mums name)

Tony Ham… I used to go to The White Rock, I think that was Wednesdays but it had been taken off TV by then.

Virginia Davis…  So did we. It moved to the pier for a short period

John Warner… Should have awarded Kent Walton an Oscar for his commentries, he made a lot
of people believe that it was for real.

Lloyd Johnson… I saw tag wrestling on The Pier in the early 60s Doctor Death and I think Mick McNanus…they’re the two names I recall…

Mick Bolger… Kendo Nagasak

Geoff Peckham… The masked one, Mick. If you beat him, you unmask him. Laurie Cooksey’s favourite. Factory used to play at a large pub in Dalton, near Rotherham, called the Bunch of Grapes (I think). The guv’nor was an ex-wrestler called Johnny Angel. Does anyone remember him? Nice man..we’d sleep in the van after the gig, but his wife cooked us breakfast in the morning.

Andy Qunta… Mum loved the wrestling on TV! Watched it every Saturday afternoon & Wednesday night. Not sure why, as she was the most gentle, non violent person (we had to leave our toy guns outside the door when we were kids). Her favourite, I think, was Jackie Pallo. I remember one time someone was thrown over the ropes out of the ring, and Mum leapt out of her chair to move the flower vase in front of the TV! Like I said, she got right into it!

Colin Norton… Lets not forget Billy Two Rivers

Mick O’Dowd… Kendo Nagasaki for me

Paul Merison… My Gran. Really enjoyed the wrestling 🤼‍♀️ I remember sitting in her front room on a Saturday. While she would get really into it and jeer at Haystacks. She definitely had a thing for Big Daddy!

9th August 1979 De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill. Autographed poster supplied by Peter Houghton.

Jan Warren… Not me, but my Dad watched it every Saturday!!

Mike Raxworthy… Yeah…Big Daddy now runs The Anchor in George Street and calls himself Dennis!


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  1. What a laugh that was ! Saturday afternoon after having fish and chips from Jones’s in Battle Road with all the family. What a fix though…. Ask him ref ! Noahh ! Noahh !


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