Who else was born at Fernbank Old London Road Hastings?

3rd March 1977

Ian Cramp… My kids were born at The Buchanan

Steve Cooke… Oh yes, I was. Photo explains a lot about me I feel. Very Hammer House!

Steve Mann… Me

Paul Crimin… Why does a book by Charles Dickens leap to mind when I look at the picture of this building?

John David Martin… And me

Terry Corder… No me, I was born in St. Helen’s Hospital, but I used to pass Fern Bank twice a day going to and from school.

Samantha Blake… I was in 1967 x

Andrew Blake… I was in 1969 and so was my other half in 1973

Alan Esdaile… apparently the nurse dropped the scissors with me, when the chord was being cut.

Pauline Richards… Am not admitting to the year!

Ann Graves… My daughter was born there in 1969

Chris Meachen… My birthplace in 1955… Dad was a bus conductor, & would get his driver to stop in old london road, then run up to give mum flowers or chocs..

Stephanie Blackledge… My sister Nicky Dann

Nicola Dobson… I was born there in 1952

Tony Davis… I was

Margaret Trowell… Husband was born there in 1945.

David Edwards… Yep!

Sam Rosewell… My brother was born there in 1972 and I remember being taken there to see him and my mum! I think my dad may also have been born there in 1949

Carol Arnold… Me

Stephen Kolimbarides… Yup in 1951.

Jacquie Hinves… Yes , I was nearly 60 years ago!

Trisha Ann… I was

Brigitte Lee… Me too

Andrew Freeman… Yes April 1954

Yvonne Cleland… My brother was born in Fernbank.

Alan Wood… Yep I see the light first there !!

Dennis Torrance… I was 1953

Christian Burton… I was in 1974

Peter Bridger… I was, 60 years ago almost.

Sandie Carlyon… I was born there.

Nigel Ford… Me. What’s there now? Was it demolished?

Roy Penfold… We’ve had a discussion about this building over in the Historical Hastings group and it would appear to have been demolished in the late 1970s/early 1980s. There is a modern house now on the site with the same name and the allotments off Rotherfield Avenue carry on the name of Fernbank.

Mick O’Dowd… 2 of my 3 children were born there. Always remember the ward floor sloping towards the window. Scary!

Mick O’Dowd…Sam,  Is your Dad called Dereck Sam Rosewell?

Sam Rosewell… Hi, yes Dad’s name was Derek but everyone knew him as Digger

Liane Carroll… Roger was born there 1955 xx

Eric Harmer… I can’t remember. It was a long time ago

Matt Thomas… I was November 1968

James Thompsett… Ï was born in Fern Bank hospital as well, 20th of may 1967, ma dad was an old towner, Jim Thompsett, and ma mum was from east London

Yvonne Cleland… My brother

Sandie Carlyon… This was where I appeared. Long time ago.

Valerie Tedeschi… I was born there August 1941

Madeline Reade… I Was

Julie Findlay-jones… My sister.

Ann Graves… I had my daughter in 1969

Mark Hardwick… My late wife Valerie 04-01-61

Pete Houghton… I remember it closing and being demolished


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  1. Ï was born in fern bank hospital as well, 20th of may 1967, ma dad was an old towner, jim thompsett, and ma mum was from east London


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