SMART coffee meet report 55

Well the wind along the seafront was horrible and the rain was chucking down but still managed a brilliant turn out for our 55th coffee meeting. Among the newbies this time were Steve Moran and Buzz Honey. Steve was talking about starting his PhD with the London College of Music, provisional titled ‘Music By The Sea”, examination into the music history of Hastings during the 60s, 70’s and 80’s. Buzz was chatting about happy memories of Scalliwags and Saturdays. Steve Amos had with him an early postergram of Peter Gabriel, Knebworth 1978 programme and Genesis Wind & Wuthering 1977 programme. Clive Richardson arrived with scrapbooks of cuttings of all the early UK festivals, including  Watchfield, Reading, Lincoln, Bickershaw, as well as Planet Gong and Pink Fairies cuttings. He also had an autographed album of Screaming Lord Sutch from when he played The Granary Club in Rye in the 70’s, records from Gypsy, Global Village Trucking Company, Dawn Chorus and The Bluetits, Little Bob Story, Roogalator, Count Bishops, The Broughtons and others. Also a Steamhammer poster who he promoted on the pier.  Barry French had some bizarre cover version singles on the Top Six label, The Typhoons, History of The Stones vol 1 and Pinky & Perky doing Bridget The Midget! also football related records from Willie Morgan and Don Fardon. Roger Carey has been digging deep again and has found flyers for Factory, Black Horse Folk Club, The Breathers, The Johnny Francis Road Show, Nazareth, Can, Gypsy, as well as a playlist of songs from The Kings Head in 1978, when he put together a bunch of local musicians for a one off gig. I had with me Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come The Lost Ears album, Alarm, Faces and Alice Cooper flexi discs and the acetate of Rubber Band’s Moonwalker single which has Raven written on the label. Harry Randall was talking about his music equipment and he has an amp that was owned by Bert Weedon and a mixer that was owned by Cozy Powell. Martin Stoggell said he has a Frank Zappa tour programme that was printed at Hastings Printing Company and will bring it along next time. Tim McDonald was looking for support for a music resources centre for Hastings and everyone he talked too were excited by the project. Anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Jim Breeds… It was a good meeting Alan. I missed out on some of the things you describe. Too busy talking to Stephen Moran and the little group we formed with Colin, Andre and others I guess. Would it be a good idea to put aside 5 minutes (once most people have arrived) for a quick round-the-table for each of us to say what we’ve brought with us? Just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it. 🙂 Thanks, as always, for the effort that you put into this. 

Alan Esdaile… Good idea, the trouble is people turn up and leave at different times but always open for suggestions.

Mick O’Dowd… It was indeed a good Meet Jim. Had most interesting talk with Tim McDonald and his idea for a music resources centre.

Lucy Pappas… Sounds wonderful.

Jeanette Jones… Apologies, as usual, but I really appreciate being included in the group

Reg Wood… Apologies Alan was away.

Phil Gill… Wilf doesn’t care what the weather’s like.

Alan Esdaile… Wilf enjoyed it.

Bernard Goffredo… I would love to come along one day but it seems I am always committed to something when they happen

Steve Moran… It was my first time at the SMART coffee meet and I wanted to thank you Alan and everyone I met for making me so welcome

Peter Houghton… It sounds like it was a good meeting and i missed seeing Clive Richardson, hope to make it to the next one



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