Dance With The Devil – The Cozy Powell Story book by Laura Shenton

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Cozy Powell was a talented, reliable and versatile drummer. A drummer of such calibre that he played with Jeff Beck, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Whitesnake, Emerson and Lake, Black Sabbath and Brian May as well as being a hugely in-demand session player. Cozy Powell’s career as a musician is a story that needs to be told. Order your copy here..

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Terry Pack… He was an excellent player and a lot of fun to play with. I did several sessions with him, including a country album! He was much more than a heavy hitter.

Simon Page…Cozy was the inspiration for me to play the drums. I remember in primary school banging out Dance With The Devil on my school desk! I also had the pleasure of supporting him at the White Rock when he was playing with the Peter Green Splinter Group. I didn’t know he was on the gig until I was setting my kit up in front of his and saw a towel on the stool with ‘Cozy’ on it! x

Pete Prescott… I saw that gig. I spoke to him outside after it. He said he liked the two albums I had sent him ( I had made them with Paul Sinden ) He agreed to play on our next album (I had to sit down when I heard what he wanted for it !)In fact he realised I didn’t have that kind of money and said he would do it for £600 a track (I was going to get a loan and have him on 3 tracks)/ He was a great player. My favourite memory of him was warming up at a session with him, Neil Murray and Ray Fenwick. We played “fly me to the moon” (He was a fine swing player!)

Terry Pack… Yes. He was a good all rounder, as were many of his generation, most of whom were taught by swing players

Reid Mc… Fantastic, distinctive drummer and from a time when most young players were influenced by musicians from outside the (then reasonably new) rock genre

Terry Pack… Most of those guys had a light touch and a swing to their playing that made them groovy. The drums themselves were tuned pretty open, too. They used bigger drums than their teachers and played matched grip but didn’t batter the kit especially hard all the time.

Reid Mc… Terry, yeah, love hearing that open tuning

Catherine Ireland… I remember going to the studio when Ray was working with Cozy and I had my children with me , Cozy gave Adam two drum skins signed and some drum sticks that looked more like tree trunks.

Pete Prescott… His real name was Colin. He called himself Cozy after a jazz player he admired (William “Cozy” Cole I think). He was taught by a jazz player. Check out his playing on the Jeff Beck albums.

Alan King… saw him drumming for Tony Joe White at Crystal Palace (?) Bowl years and years ago (just the two of them, guitar & drums years before White Stripes)


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