Roy Hudd R.I.P.

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Roger Simmonds… Oh liked Roy Hudd, sad!

Eugene Hughes… RIP Roy Hudd

Ian Luck… Now that’s a man I’d loved to have met and chat with RIP Roy great loss

Wendy Weaver… Oh dear. He writes a fortnightly column in Yours Magazine. He will be sadly missed. R.I.P Roy

Andy Qunta… RIP, Roy. Thanks for the laughs!

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh how sad, he was so funny



Can – Hastings Pier 16th May 1975


flyer supplied by Roger Carey

Pete Fisher… Missed this one as I moved to London the previous year…one of my first flatmates there was a big “Krautrock” fan, and we listened to a lot of Can, Kraftwerk etc. Can set up their Inner Space studio in a disused cinema in the early 70s in a little town called Weilerswist, which happens to be just a couple of miles away from here…about 15 years ago I was part of sessions at Conny’s Studio on the outskirts of Cologne (photo album here at FB), formerly run by the late Conny Plank, who produced albums for Can, Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, Ultravox and many others…

Peter Houghton… Can played a great concert and afterwards I went back stage and then they signed my flyer for me

Pete Fisher… After moving from Hastings to London in late 1974, I shared a flat with a drummer who had all the Can, Amon Düül, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream albums, so I became quite familiar with Can’s music. I moved to Germany in 1995, and in the 70s Can had their studio in a converted cinema in Weilerswist, a couple of miles from where I’ve lived since coming here. Bassist Holger Czukay continued living there until he died in 2017.

Alan King… fuck – best band ever


Jack The Lad – Hastings Pier 15th March 1975


jack the lad

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile….Very good band ‘Jack The Lad’ . I think it was the remains of ‘LIndisfarne’ after they split up. Also we put them on at Eastbourne Collage.

Andy Gunton….I saw them a few times myself. Good band & yes, some of them were in Lindisfarne beforehand.

Jim Breeds….I  have a couple of Jack The Lad LPs. Great stuff. “It’s Jack The Lad” CAS 1085 and “The Old Straight Track” CAS 1094. Both LPs from 1974, bizarrely. They must have been on a roll! Billy Mitchell, Simon Cowe, Ray Laidlaw & Rod Clements. Rod Clements founded Lindisfarne with Alan Hull. When they broke up in ’73 he founded JTL.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this rare cinema ad from 1974….

Peter Thomson… Remember that one fondly. Excellent gig.

Jim Breeds… I saw them then. Still have that album and another. “The Third Millennium” seemed so far away at the time!