Electricity Hastings – The Bathing Pool St Leonards advert

Source: unknown

Any idea what year?

Mike Guy… 2021?

Jane Hartley… Not long after it opened probably!

Willie Wicking… My wife’s uncle has an amazing video of the bathing pool of the Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller giving a diving exhibition must have been late 50s early 60s it only comes out at Christmas gatherings would love to do a screen shot to share when these troubles are past

Alan King… elec-trickery to quote Catweazel

Pete Fisher… Bathing Pool was opened in 1933, and I read that the first electric train (Ore to Brighton) was introduced in 1935. The first big coal-powered power station was built in Broomgrove in 1925. I’d guess this is mid 30s…

Phil Gill… Electric Bathing Land

Pete Fisher… Bathing At Baxters would be another candidate Phil.

Kevin Sherwood… Thats a great picture i have a couple of posters already is this available?
Very fond memories of the bathing pool brilliant in the summer holidays.

Alan King… together in electric wet dreams


Broken Wheel Discotheque with Spangles Muldoon 27th March 1970.



photo source http://www.offshoreradio.co.ukSpangles Muldoon in the Radio Northsea International studio in 1970. Photo from the ‘RNI-book’ published by Hit-Publications, Switzerland.

Nick Prince… Spangles Muldoon also had a very short period on Radio Luxembourg. Still didn’t we all. Lol. Chris Carey also worked on Radio North Sea International and Radio Nova. He died in 2008 following two massive strokes.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t he a Caroline DJ? I think Andre might have info on that.

Andre Martin… Hi I promoted this at the Regent Hotel, we renamed this the Broken Wheel for a short while and Spangles who was real name Chris Carey, living in Cambridge at the time. Paul was also involved in this project. the advert is for the first night, I have to say that it did not pull too many punters. Another little piece of the Past. Mick – your quite right, we also did a couple of gigs for us at Bluies-Canterbury around the same time as this. He was ex Radio Caroline South.He ended up working for commercial radio in Ireland.