Ian Gillan Episode Six – Hastings Pier

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source from: Tonny Steenhagen. Unknown photographer.

Deep Purple Appreciation Society say… I was hunting for old pics taken on Hastings pier the other day (one of my other projects is researching commercial outdoor portrait photography 1920 – 1960!), after all the press given to the new award winning pier building there. I quickly got diverted by pictures of Episode Six who not only played a number of one-nighters clubs in Hastings, but also appeared in the Pier Ballroom itself in 1968. This unseen shot of IG was taken on Hastings Pier by one of the band’s fan-club members earlier that day, and was sent to me by Tonny Steenhagen. I think this shelter was one of the only buildings to survive the fire a few years ago and has now been restored. Time for another blue plaque?

Jim Breeds… That’s possibly the biggest business card I’ve ever seen.

Pete Fairless… Great find. I think the description is mistaken, though. I’d say, this was taken further down the pier. What do you think?

Alan Esdaile… Yes definitely further down the pier Pete. Trying to look through the window, looks like the doors before you reach the bar possibly? Pete Brazier maybe able to confirm?

Andy Pilkington…  hazarding a guess thats by the old penny arcade

Roy Penfold… I would say the same as Alan – most definitely the windows adjacent to the Penny arcade and just before the bar on the old town side of the pier.

Jim Breeds… He probably stepped outside to have a smoke on the water.

Pete Brazier… Yes I Can!..………(pause for dramatic effect lol)…….. The give away is the little casement window at the extreme left (as you look at it) “it’s the side window to the little caff at the end of the pier, before the lobby with the duel stair cases to the upper ball room and the second lobby with the Pub on the Pier, Toilets and main ballroom doors, just too his left are the windows to the Lady’s toilets and then the anglers club! In the red Circle!…

Survivors TV Series 1975 – 1977 – who remembers this?

Anyone remember watching Survivors on tv in the 70’s? Wikipedia says… It concerns the plight of a group of people who have survived an apocalyptic plague pandemic, which was accidentally released by a Chinese scientist and quickly spread across the world via air travel.

Barry Hilton… Yes, absolutely freaked me out, but watched all of it!

Allyson Breeds… I’m gonna play the part of Jenny, she (I think) was the only character to last from episode 1 to the final episode!

Steve Thorpe… Remember this, art mimicking life at the moment!

Martin Richter… “and the band played on* is similar – stay safe x

Judy Atkinson… Remember this well

Peter Brazier… I don’t know how I missed this but I did! 😲 scary coincidence? I DON’T BELIVE IN COINCIDENCES!

Nick Shute… I remember this…was disappointed that there wasn’t a follow up series…..last episode ended with two of a group heading into the unknown in a hot air ballon…..featured a young Brian Blessed character called ‘Brun’ or ‘Bryan’ ?

Tim Moose Bruce… .think they did an up to date version a few years ago.

Nick Shute… yep…think the same thing happened again…..was meant to have another series that failed to happen …

Reid Mc… Nick, it ran for several seasons

Sophie Ash… The Seventies was a bit schizo. It had it’s Glam/Fun/Sex side but it also had it’s Ecology/Intellectualist/Dystopia-Fear side.

Andy James Long… I remember this, we used to watch the latest episode in college during our free study, or whatever it was called, period. Had a cool lecturer!

Judie Struys… Me too. I thought of it when I first heard about the spread of covid19.

Reid Mc…. This was an interesting series to start with. Once the survivors had established a community it became rather dull. Apart from one or two stories dealing with interesting ethical issues, it rapidly deteriorated into a sort of cozy post apocalyptic version of The Archers. Fascinating if looms or goat husbandry are your thing…

John Harper… Yep, remember it well but couldn’t recall the title. The present plague reminded me of it!

Peter Houghton… Yes i did it was a brilliant series well done

Jo Avery… Have all 3 series on DVD, the half keeps saying we should re watch it, I’d rather wait till this has passed!Great series, but very funny listening to everyone speaking so poshly as they did back then!

Alan Pepper… Same as me I don’t believe in coincidences either – how weird !!