Roogalator – Hastings Pier 16th April 1977.



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… The Pier April 16th, 1977. Roogalator was a pub rock band formed in London in 1972, by the US-born guitarist Danny Adler.

Neil Steadman… Roll on 23rd! You putting that up made me think of The Mobiles….. An Eastbourne combo who had a minor hit with Drowning in Berlin.

Roy Penfold… Didn’t that have a young kid from Hastings playing Tuba?

Neil Steadman… Quite possibly Roy. I will dig out my copy.

Alan Esdaile… The 23rd April was The Jam as Johnny Thunder cancelled and I see 7th May was a typo should be The Vibrators not Vibrations.

Clifford Rose… If I remember right, the Vibrators were supported by Sham 69.

Mark Randall… I recall seeing this poster when the Randall Tribe had a week’s holiday in a BnB in Pelham Crescent I’ve always thought it was Nick Plytas’s Roogalator. I bought Frampton Comes Alive cassette at the time. The cassette was faulty so I had to post it ALL the way back to Hastings. At the time Hastings seemed the other side of the world.

Alan Esdaile… Good memory Clifford, I do have listed Sham 69 supporting The Vibrators on the 7th May 1977.

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