who remembers Smalltalk? – June 1979

Martyn Baker… Nope

Chapel gate green… The band was formerly Hung Drawn and Withered. Original material with a few covers.

Mick Booker – guitars + vocals
Keith Hackett – bass
Derek Mallion – vocals
Tim Hollamby – drums / percussion
Blair Loader – synths

Mouse Weston – mixing.
Nob Roberts – lighting.
Chris Butcher – everything else.

Members were in early bands such as: Essence (with Meps) – The Nerves – HDW. Dusty Miller was on drums in early days. Members moved on to: Gen Kiddies, 5 to 1, Shot 2 Bits. Good days – great gigs – original music. Played Hastings, Rye (Bob Press’ place), Wadhurst, Tun Wells, Badgers Mount, Marquee, Canterbury Uni plus anyone have more pics? I have the tapes

Shaft – Yorkshire Grey 1974


Andy Knight (drums), Jim Beadle (bass), Bob Shipway (guitar), Colin Pierce (guitar), Dave Shaw (vocal), Ross Holter (mixing).

Harry Randall… Jim use to play bass in met band in 67-68 “The Lloyd Milligan Sound” an 8 piece soul band who basically went pro to Keel but got fiddled (didn’t wait for contract)

Judith Monk… Loved the ‘Grey’ used to play bar billiards there.

Tony Court-holmes… used to be good for a fight I remember but still some good bands played there

Jan Warren… Yeah, used to go to The Yorkshire Grey quite a lot in the early 70s, saw all the local bands!

Barry French… Grundy still going strong!! Saw them playing at the Queens Head Icklesham a week prior to the “shut down” As always a really good entertaining set.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – ABC Cinema Hastings – 27th March 1963

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supplied by Nick Prince Collection

280613 046

 supplied by….Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

cliff 1962 cliff

supplied by Tony Davis – gig list including Hastings inside the cd.

Phil Gill….I was there, aged 6. It was the most awesome thing I’d ever seen. Better even than when my dad’s shotgun exploded and knocked him flat on his back, which was the most awesome thing I’d seen up to then. Eight weeks short of my seventh birthday then. Used to have my copy of the programme, not sure if I do now though.

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