Delroy Williams Show – Hastings Pier 4th May 1968

Peter Checksfield… The Unabridged Telephone Directory – now there’s a snappy name!

Mick O’Dowd… Wonder what extras you got in that version Peter?

Colin Fox… Known as UTD. Had the pleasure of playing with bass guitarist Roy Sanderson some years later. Roy top left.


Dave Greenfield – The Stranglers keyboard player dies

photo: Stranglers French forum – in concert with the Stranglers – Paris, Olympia – 13th april 2012

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Simon Page… Such a shame. I was only talking about Dave with a friend a few days ago and he told me a nice story about Dave. My friend was at a Stranglers gig and used to try to tape the gigs (only for himself, not for bootlegging!) He said that Dave put the cassette recorder right by his keyboard and recorded the gig for my friend.

Edge St Leonards… Sad, down on the beach’s dude RIP another over the edge, but no forgotten RIPX. Yes brothers and sisters stay strong well get there on the other side x

Michael Wilson… Such sad news. The Stranglers music has been with me since I was 14 back in 1977. I first saw them at the Top Rank Brighton back in 1980.

Malcolm Sharp… Golden brown. One of the great songs, r i p

Ralph Town… Still love Feline.Really great album.


Who remembers Phil Cordell?

Ricky Adelaide… This LP cover thing going on, can anyone remember this local chap great musician sadly no longer with us. Had a studio back of Catsfield went there few times was a really nice man ,,,, back in the day

Martin Stringer… I was in his band and spent many happy hours writing songs with him. Eventually I used to live in his house every weekend so we could work into the early hours. Very fond memories of Phil and Kevin Hoad. We had so.much fun.

Ricky Adelaide… Few credits on here of local musicians

Chris Cozens… Tape-Op – Mike Hedges!!! Whatever happened to him?

Phil Gill… Stallion enjoyed a brilliant relationship with Phil Cordell from 1975/76. He paid for studio time for us in two studios, and brought us into his home studio at Ninfield on several occasions. I remember at one of these sessions at his house he played us a rough mix of a song called “Bavarian Nights”, which later surfaced on his 1977 album “Born Again”, which I have. He was great to be around and we learned a lot from him in terms of studio techniques. He also very kindly lent me a Revox tape recorder so I could demo up some song ideas I had. I found him to be very creative and fun to be around and I guess we owe him some sort of acknowledgement. He’s referenced in the sleeve notes for our CD, “The Hard Life” and I’ve pasted below some paragraphs from that which may be of interest.
“With John (Wilde) on board, Stallion began making something of a reputation for themselves and, as a result, they appeared on the radar of producer and solo artist Phil Cordell. Promptly deciding they should have some
studio time with him in the producer’s seat, in July 1975, Cordell took them into the studio to cut an edited
version of their seven minute song “If Life Were Death”, proposing it as the follow up single to his
number one hit in Europe, “I Will Return”, which he had recorded under the pseudonym “Springwater”. It was the band’s first outing with a producer. Cordell’s techniques were certainly not wasted on them and his
production ideas were quickly assimilated and mentally stored for future use. His producer’s flair for
arrangements and overdubs, particularly keyboards, opened the band’s eyes to many new possibilities.
Cordell showed them how to double track the string sound, with the second track detuned slightly to give a
thicker, richer sound, a technique the band used in the studio thereafter to provide the Mellotron texture they
were seeking.  Bassist Phil Gill, then on his debut studio outing, was asked to lay down several overdubs
of 12 string acoustic guitar. He assumed Cordell was being sarcastic when, at the end of his first overdub,
he told him to go and do another take in the toilet. After the band stopped laughing, they realised that
Cordell was serious; the lavatory was tiled and provided a great natural reverb which brought the acoustic guitar to life, another trick noted and used again in later recordings. The time they spent with Cordell became something of a defining moment for the band, with the results serving to help crystallise their signature sound.”

Robert Searle… Phil, I recorded at Phil’s studio at Ninfield in the early 70s. I used to live in Ninfield and wasn’t too far from his place. He was a real nice guy and fun to be with.

Shaun Pont… Dan the Banjo Man. Radio Luxembourg Powerplay in 1973 and a number one in Europe that year.

Terry Pack… Kev Hoad introduced me to Phil around 1979/80. We met at The Merry Harrier(?) in Cowbeech with a view to doing something, but what actually resulted was a lot of talking and drinking!

Mike Waghorne… I remember him

Alan Pepper… Fascinating  Phil . What an interesting read . Thank you for sharing your memories . I didn’t know Phil was such a great fellow . All I knew was what I had heard about his Rare Earth records  – Great stuff  !!

Neil Stephen Partrick… Was he IN Rare Earth?

Alan Esdaile… No. Dan The Banjo Man singles were released on Rare Earth Records. His biggest hit, under the name Springwater was I Will Return.

Martyn Baker… This “Steppin’ Out” version of a Bruce Springsteen unreleased song was recorded by Phil at his Ninfield studio, and was produced by Ray Fenwick. (Ray had a demo from Bruce). This was just before the formation of The Roaring 80’s – so it would have been about 1976 maybe? One of my girlfriends at the time (Terri Ogley) provided the breathy girly voice.

Martyn Baker… Tich is doing his best Bruce impression?

Mick O’Dowd… I used to use Springwater’s version of Sailing as my run-out groove at the end of the night.


Unabridged Telephone Directory – Regent Hotel Ad.


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Josie Lawson… Regent Hotel, wasn’t that where the Reades lived, the Scalliwaggers

Kevin Burchett… his was before the Reades took over, Josie

Robert Searle… Great picture

Harry Randall… I’m So Glad, was one that always reminds me of them! Where are they now?

Lloyd Johnson… Dave Johnson ! Remember him well from Ore Youth Club!…he played with Kenny Comfort ,Melvyn & Lynn Grant for a while I think or it might have been The Redcoats …Dave had the newsagents in Westfield in later life I believe he died some time ago….

Pete Millington… Don’t remember Dave playing with The Redcoats Lloyd. Must have been Johnny Smith and the Chevs was really early. The first time I saw him he had his jean jacket draped over his floor to tom to deaden it. That was at the Market Hall.

Lloyd Johnson… Yes! You are right! I can remember him talking with Kenny and Melvyn a lot …Brian ‘Bonzo’ Redfern was Kenny and Melvyn’s drummer…I Loved The Market Hall it was so funny seeing Henry with his nose almost on the Chevs guitarist finger board saying things like “Oh! That’s how you do that” or “No! No! That’s not right” taking the piss and trying to put him off….all in a spirit of camaraderie. Is my memory right in thinking there would be The Talismen set up at one end of the hall and Johnny Smith and the Chevys at the other..I always think of it as a battle ground…’Battle of The Bands’ so to speak…Dave Bishop would get up with The Chevs and sing ‘it’s been nice’ a Marty Wilde ‘B’ side….really liked that song…silly teenage stuff trying to sound tough and grown up…

Pete Millington… Yes it was a feature of the MH to have 2 groups, one at each end, most groups had the pleasure of trying to outdo each other. We (The Confederates) had that pleasure.

Lloyd Johnson… I really liked the friendship and the good humoured pissing taking between the bands…didn’t Johnny Smith keep a milk bottle behind the amp for some reason.. Colin ‘Sid’ Tapp lived in my road…I made a guitar when I was a kid, tried to copy the Everly Brothers guitars, it was black with white binding.When it was built I painted it black and then varnished it…the vanished reacted with the paint and it ended up crackle finish…I sold it to Colin later .He told me it was his first guitar when we met up a year of so back….Barry Goodall and Pete Bailey and his twin brother were in my class at Priory road….

Dave Nattress… Great stories and some unbelievable band names in the last couple of weeks.  As I’ve remarked before, there’s me thinking weird band names only really started in the 70’s, “A Teardrop Explodes” – “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” – etc. etc. How wrong was I?  Where did the “Unabridged Telephone Directory” come from?

Colin Fox… they used to shorten their name to UTD, but it sounded like a sexual disease.

May 1968 Advert


Penguin Cinema – bank holiday films May 1975

Jim Breeds… Good grief, I think I went with some mates to see both of those in one sitting! But I’ll not be admitting that in public!

Patrick Lewis… 1970’s ‘Ladism’ at its height as purveyed by the British cinema industry.

Josie Lawson… Was that Penguin bingo hall once ? My dad retired from the Observer 1964 then did some bingo work in the Penguin.I lived in Hove then. I then in Hove did some casual bingo work over there in Ladbrokes bingo hall, actually went into doing some bingo calling during the breaks….

Jane Hartley… My mum used to go to bingo there too.

Matt Thomas… Confessions of a Window Cleaner was the first rented video I saw on old betamax recorder hired from the Rediffusion shop in Queens Rd

Alan Esdaile… I do remember Jill Gascoine in Confessions of a Pop Performer.

Martin Richter… cert X – “for all the family” ???

Dennis Torrance… How many I wonder look 👀 over their shoulders before entry to this cinema showing lol

Martin Richter… the Orion was similar – x-rated or kung-fu

Michael Wilson… Went to see a James Bond Double Bill at the Penguin.


Delroy Williams – Soul Fever 78 tour with Mr Superbad



I was manager  of Delroy Williams at Mecca Agency and organised  ‘The Soul Fever 78 tour’ with Mr Superbad ‘Freddie Mack’ and ‘The Satin Bells’. Delroy’s still going strong and performs more reggae nowadays, as well as various movie and tv work . Including a spot in the ‘Batman’ film.  Really nice guy.




Pete Fisher… Amazing Alan. Although I spent eight years in the world of pro reggae I never came across his name, but have found out he’s a highly respected and accomplished artist. Amazing that you managed him, but strange that he was marketed here in the soul category, when he’s actually a reggae artist. His biography is really interesting, and apparently he organised the first annual open air reggae festival in 1966 in Brockwell Park, which went on until 1971. I also found out he acted in The Saint in an episode that seems to include a recording studio – I’d love to watch it but I guess I’ll have to buy the DVD as it’s not on youtube! Photos here…

Mick O’Dowd… Saw him on The Pier show. Really impressed as I was, and am, a soul man.

P J Proby and The Quiet Five – Hastings Pier 8th May 1965

601639_10201859770833967_1933862624_n 1503820_10201859772434007_1348664613_n proby-album-photo

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Mick O’Dowd….Thanx for this Andre. I was one of the “more than a dozen” that found this performance “overwhelming”. Great memories and I thought he gave a good show as well. Like Gary Gl—-r he was a showman rather than a  good singer. I fainted at this one and got passed over the heads. What an embarrassment!!!!

Ron Tennant…..Proby is a showman, also a truly great singer.


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

18 June 1965 – The Quite Five at The Witch Doctor.

Jenny Tyler… I  was on the pier for P J Proby. I was only 16 & thought he was marvelous.

Sally Evans… I was there…

Pauline Lindsay… I saw him as well, split trousers and all.

Rose Balp… That is so fantastic, l was there with my mum, memories… Thank you

Sonja Matthee… I was there it was fantastic

Ron Tennant… This fantastic singer was recently 80. He’s still brilliant even now!

Mick O’Dowd… Maybe I fainted, problem being a short-arse in a crowd of giants. The concert was terrific. I did not spring back to life once I got to the stage as the girlies did. Miraculous recovery!

Jan Walker… I was there with my sister. She didn’t want to go on her own so paid for my ticket.

Hammer Head – Aquarius 5th May 1973

1973 5th may hammer head

aquarius live feb 1973

Nigel Ford… RARE BIRD did a track called Hammerhead – I wonder if there were band members in this band? Krishna Kudu (from Maidstone)used to cover the track in their set at Battle dances.

Alan Esdaile… Can’t find out much about them Nigel. Their was a rock band called Hammerhead but looks like that was the later part of the seventies so probably not the same band. As its listed as Radio 1 group, I would have thought they would have had a record release but so far draw a blank. Anyone?