Madness – Hastings Pier 21st May 2016.


Hastings-born musician Suggs, from Madness, will fix the last plank to complete the 50 miles of new decking on the Victorian structure on Tuesday 22nd March 2016.

Phil Gill… It’s the first sign of Madness.

Stuart Huggett… I saw Suggs do the opening ceremony for a temporary Fishermen’s Arch down on the Stade once.

Peter Fairless… I’m filled with gladness but my 10 year old is going to be gutted at the age restriction! My Girl’s Mad At Me!

Alan Knipmeyer… it must be love ! thats just one step beyond…

Jamie Butler… Looks cool not into Madness the Ist time round but know loads of people in Hastings are should be a great turn out.

Anthony G Hart… Do you know when and where the tickets go on sale please.

Paul Roper… how do i get tickets to see madness on hastings pier.. 21st may 2016?

Lauren Gower… Where will they be on sale does anyone know please?

Neil Mather… Shareholders in the pier charity got a link to buy tickets from 9am today, general public sale starts on 24th. I assume there will be a link from the pier charity website.

Sandra Bryant… Hope all the doubters eat their words now.

Jim Breeds… Booked our tickets – who else is going?

Suggs on Hastings Pier screwing in the final plank.

Mick O’Dowd… Never thought in a million years that we would see top-notch bands appearing on The Pier ever again! Just goes to show that nothing is impossible.


NOW SOLD OUT. According to Hasting Pier, Music Glue had 30,000 plus visits today which  caused the website to crash and left a number of people unhappy.

Virginia Davis… Anyone else have a problem with Madness tickets. I had tickets in my basket and was told they were secure and then suddenly emptied my basket?

Lisa Lucas… yep,got both of us sat trying and we both keep getting system error!!! totally disappointed,but will be listening for free from the beach.

Susan Marketis… It’s when you are watching the minutes tick down.

Andy Clarke… What a joke…. got up early to book tickets for Madness, secured them and then saw message saying you have 8 minutes to pay for them…. what happened to first come first served…. yeah you guessed it i didn’t get them due to “browser time expired” after 8 minutes. so unfair for those who actually got there first… It’s all i can do not to write a string of obscenities here now…..

Chris Giles… I didn’t get there first I couldn’t get there at all kept saying try again later.. It took about 40 mins to get through then I put all my bank details in and it all froze up I just waited as was worried if I went back I wouldn’t get them …then it all came back put in my details again and got them …about 9.40 9.50 ish I guess… I was worried I’d been charges twice but I haven’t… Was a bit stressful though I agree… I think local people should have had a day after the shareholders then the rest on another day… Very unfair.. I think went back on at 10:15 and got the afternoon ones with no problem..

Graham Belchamber… Sounds like the system overloaded with the heavy demand.

Elaine Stock… Yes I tried and it says try later system error!!

Andy Clarke… tickets are sold out or reserved. absolute crap

Andy Pilkington… dunno how people are finding the sold out when website is down !

Jaylea Martin… It took me about 5 times, I almost had a heart attack as the minutes went down, so tried from my phone as well and they were sold out within minutes I think.

Els Wilcox… BOO HOO couldn’t get through and now they’ve ALL SOLD OUT! !!!!!!!!

Janette Clare Morfey… And there was a thunderstorm just as they started. Spectacular.

Matt Thomas… I was there, great night and the storm had finished by the time they came on stage

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