The Rolling Stones – ticket 26th May 1976 Earls Court London



Ticket supplied by Paul Sleet

Black and Blue album was released just before this tour

Yvonne Cleland…  I was in the front row for this gig, even in front of the tightly-linked row of bouncers! I nearly got suffocated, but Mick Jagger leered at me, I swear he did!

Nigel Ford… Perhaps he thought he’d seen a white Marsha Hunt, Yvonne?

Yvonne Cleland… Oi! Cheeky!

John Paul Veness… was at this one too ,still one of the best gigs i’ve ever seen 🙂

Pete Fisher… I went on May 21st, when the only good thing was the Meters as support, and then again at Knebworth in August, where they came on two hours late because they couldn’t wake Keef up, and they were really rough again, but they were both great concerts!!

Yvonne Cleland…I saw them at Knebworth too! Yes, they were! My kids go to Knebworth now, but I think it’s been rebranded as ‘Download’ or something.

Tim Phillips… Alan I picked these up the other day…

supplied by Tim Phillips

Pete Fisher… They played 6 nights at Earls Court…I was there too, and remember they tried to give the event a bit of a circus atmosphere with clowns etc wandering round beforehand…unfortunately the acoustics/PA sound were abysmal, as was the case the previous year when I saw Led Zep there two nights running. The Stones were pretty sloppy and disappointing, but I guess the occasion won the day. Highlight for me was The Meters as support – superb, tight, funky, making the Stones sound like amateurs. I also went to Knebworth 3 months later, where we all waited over two hours for the Stones to come on, and again they sounded really rough. They finally redeemed themselves when I saw them at Wembley Stadium in 1990, where they were on top form, tight and professional, and again in 1999 in Cologne…

supplied by Pete Fisher

Alan King… I was at Knebworth and fell asleep

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