The Abysmal Sisters – 1980


supplied by Martin Stringer

Phil Thornton, Kevin Hoad, Tony Bird and Martin Stringer.

Phil Thornton… Well thanks for digging this out Martin ! (I don’t remember ever seeing this before) didn’t we have a bass player ?

Alan Esdaile… It would be interesting to know the story behind the props.

Tony May… A definite touch of The Bonzo’s by the look of this pic! (lol)

Martin Stringer… Hi Phil, hope all well with you and yours.  Can’t remember a bass player.

Tony Bird… the fifth member of the band was Mick Ingram and the photo was taken at my studio called Wing at Ninfield circa 1980 and the props what part of the studio decoration. Now that’s recycling.

Julian Richards… cannot forget the Abysmal Sisters , great music , lots of humour ! I went back to Bexhill in September 2014 for 3 weeks , live in Perth , Australia , my best mate Richard Crawley took me in to see Tony Bird , he even gave me a copy of the A/sisters on CD , what a great surprise , still sounds bloody good even after such a long time . Great to see Tony is still in business , you bloody Legend !!
regards , Julian Richards ( Formerly of Bexhill )

You can hear Tony talking about The Abysmal Sisters on my recent radio show…

Clap for our carers – Thursday 8.00pm

Mick O’Dowd… I’ll be there! Heroes everyone from the cleaners & porters right to the top docs/surgeons.

Nigel Ford… Response along our road and vicinity has been great since it started 3 weeks ago, we were surprised just how many we could hear.

Tony Court-holmes… and lets have fireworks

Last one tonight Thursday 28th May 2020…


Rosie Johnson says… the 10th and final, clap for the nhs, for key workers, for every single worker who has done their job in such difficult circumstances in order to keep us all going. Let’s make sure we make it the loudest and most grateful yet!! And even when we no longer come out into our doorsteps, let’s never ever take for granted the people who have done so much for us.


Easy Street – Hastings Pier 24th May 1974

easy street

It should read Easy Street!

Robert Searle… I’ve got to admit,I dont remember doing that gig.As you know I was bass guitarist in Easy Street with Dave Easton on lead vocals. I remember supporting The Glitter Band with Easy Street .Great night that was. I think we were booked to cover for somebody else, that’s why I haven’t seen any notices for that show.

Alan Esdaile… I’m thinking it could have been the 4th June 1976 gig, Bob????