The Zoobies – Back On The Street 1974

supplied by Jon Stiles

Jon Stiles… Joe Rytlewski left. Dave Crave centre, Jon Stiles right. John Wilde was in the band for a while, he used to be the vocalist in Mosaic which was our name before we cut our hair, shed the flairs and sped the set up in order to become the Zoobies. We were at rehearsal in Crowhurst, John Wilde said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year. We were signed to Kelvin Grove Records and recorded at Chapel Studios London, but the tracks were never released.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone any idea what year this was?

Jo Turner… I was a bit of a Mosaic fan. Really liked them.

Yvonne Cleland… Aha! So this was the famous band when the famous John Wilde “said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year”. This was an absolute legend in the Hastings Music Scene hahahahaha

Nigel Ford… 72?… I know they were still Mosaic in 71 as they were at Netherfield Village Hall that year and it’s Dave Craven who was on drums.

Jon Stiles… I think I was 19 which would make that 1974. We were support for Eddie and the Hot Rods at Canterbury College of Art, during the change over all our microphones were stolen . Absolutely devastating for us, as we were naturally skint. I’m still annoyed at ourselves for letting our guard down.

Jo Turner… No Mosaic were still Mosaic later than that as I saw them frequently and wasn’t old enough in 72. I think this is later than 74, or maybe I was out and about way too young!

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