Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel – White Rock Theatre 12th June 1990

harley ticket


steve harley

ticket & cutting supplied by Iain Cobby

Peter Fairless… Made me smile!

Matt Thomas… I was working the bar that night

Andy Qunta… I did a tour with SH & CR in 1981. A really fun time! Great songs, great band! After that, we recorded a couple of songs, which Midge Ure produced. One of them, “I Can’t Even Touch You”, is the last track on the “Cream Of” album mentioned above. Just a bit of trivia for you!

Tony Davis… If I remember rightly Mr Cobby it was you and I that started the singing of Oh Dear Look What They’ve done to the blues. It was a good night. I think I also got hit by a small piece of falling ceiling.

Iain Cobby… Your memory serves you well, Mr Davis and if I’m correct, we were both in a video of his shot at Brighton Dome. More trivia, the bassist of his first Cockney Rebel band Paul Jeffery died on board flight Pan Am 103 with his bride on there honeymoon. Steve often would dedicate ” Sebastian” to him.

Tony Davis… Recently saw Cockney Rebel at the Leas Cliff in Folkestone. They were touring the album Best Years of Our  Lives for it’s 40th. Anniversary. Steve Harley and the band were fantastic that night. Instead of a support  act they incorporated it within the band. 2 sisters from Austria who were multi-instrumentalists and during Cockney Rebel’s set they played a couple of their own tunes. Really glad I went.


The Albert Memorial Hastings – 1960’s

photo: jsay johnson

Patrick Lewis… Mid to late 60’s?

Carol Arnold… So sad Hastings lost the memorial

Roger Simmonds… Happy days then !

Monica Bane… Think we all miss the memorial

Willie Wicking… I know where that clock is now

Sophie Ash… …And many of us know the trumped-up fairy-tale surrounding it’s demise.

John Busbridge… It accidentally caught fire and was declared unsafe but just happened to be in the way of the new traffic scheme! So one can repair the Notre Dame but they couldn’t repair the Memorial!

Andre Martin… You hit the nail on the head, certain “planners” wanted it gone, and they had their ways, as has been the case with so many schemes in OUR town over the last few decades. That is why we have such a mess of a town centre. The Memorial was known by everybody, all the buses had Memorial on the destination blinds. They were Happy Days.

Ken Dengate… Ha, ‘accidently caught fire’. yeah, right, when someone put a match to it !

John William Willis… It is still around Somewhere in St Leonards

Fred Marsh… does anyone else hate it when someone calls it the ‘newtown’ I have to say its the memorial and il meet me mates outside Plummers

Andre Martin… Looks like a Police Inspector talking to the chap in the lightweight jacket, you can just make out black gloves in left hand. The back ground you can make out the Westminster Bank and Havelock Road, Hollingsworths can be seen. So yes I would agree that its mid/late 60s. There is nothing indicating that the council have started to build islands and pinch points, which as we all know will come shortly.

Ken Dengate… Like the ‘Priorité à Droite’ sign !

Sandra Thompsett… I’ve never heard it called the ‘newtown’ but if that’s what it is, I don’t think much of it. No character now

Nicola Dobson… I can still see my dad directing the traffic around the memorial with his white gloves on

Stuart Moir… I heard in the grapevine that the remnants after the fire are stored somewhere in the Councils cellars, is that correct ??

Willie Wicking… when it was demolished the tower was used in landfill in Rock Lane

Kathy Harding… It was a great reference point to meet up with your mates in the 60’s.

Bumpers – Island Sampler compilation LP 1970


Side 1
1. Every Mother’s Son by Traffic
2. Love by Bronco 
3. I Am The Walrus by Spooky Tooth
4. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga by Quintessence 

Side Two:
5. Thunderbuck Ram by Mott The Hoople
6. Nothing To Say by Jethro Tull
7. Going Back West by Jimmy Cliff
8. Send Your Son To Die by Blodwyn Pig
9. Little Woman by Dave Mason

Side Three:
10. Go Out And Get It by John and Beverley Martyn
11. Cadence and Cascade by King Crimson
12. I’m Reaching Out On All Sides by If
13. Oh I Wept by Free
14. Hazey Jane by Nick Drake

Side Four:
15. Walk Awhile by Fairport Convention
16. Maybe You’re Right by Cat Stevens
17. Island by Renaissance
18. The Sea by Fotheringay
19. Take Me To Your Leader by Clouds

Chris Giles… I loved this LP of the best, I thought of the Island samplers and have still got it

Dave Nattress… I remember this one well, a couple of friends had it. Stand out track for me – first time I heard it was “Oh I Wept” by Free (off Fire and Water). Already had Tons of Sobs and Free but got F & W on vinyl then and on musicassette for the Ford Anglia I had back then! Still got both as well as the first edition, remaster and special edition – and pretty much everything Free did. Free what a fabulous unit. Paul Kossoff (RIP) such unique guitar work. Actually the first time I heard many of these artists!

Martin Stoggell… The artwork you got on those big covers.

Pete Fisher… I had You Can All Join In and Nice Enough To Eat, but I don’t think I had this Island compilation – looks great…

Chris Jolly… I still have this double album Pete… It’s great!

Alan Newman… I was 13 in 1970 when my big bro lent me this to say this what real music sounds like

Nick Shute… Thunderbuck Ram!!!…got this then went straight back to the shop and got Mad Shadows!!…these samplers were brilliant for introducing people to new releases cheaply…worked for all! Two other standout samplers that spring to mind…”el pea” and “fill your head with rock”

Jon McCallion… Still have it good album

Sam Rosewell… Think I might have Dad’s copy somewhere…

Chris Meachen… Still got this, nice enough to eat, and one called island people..

Richard Stack… Still have this album. Still sounds good.

Paul Huggett… I used to buy compilation albums then to get a bit of variety for not much money , Rock Machine etc and those Island ones Pete mentions, but missed that one! Some of them have been recreated as playlists on Spotify by the way, which as mine are long gone was good to discover.

Who still has 78 rpm records? Hastings sleeves for sale on eBay.

Martin Richter… it’ll be jitter-bugging next!

Dave Paul… I deal in early gramophones and 78s

Kev Towner… Yes, a few. Mostly comedy/music hall.

Judy Atkinson… I have some that we brought back from mother in law’s house, & a few favourites from my childhood (Abdul Abulbul Amir, Burl Ives singing the Owl & the Pussycat). Unfortunately my turntable can’t play them

Andy Ives… Yes a few Dean Martin some others and Red River Rock

Eastbourne band 1960’s – Billy & The Urchins and 70’s chat.


supplied by Len Smith – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Len Smith… Here’s one from early 60’s any idea of names, only one I recognise is Billy Contreras!  Looking for photos of bands like Mandragora, Virus, Morticians, MTA, Tall, Dark & Gruesome, etc. for my Eastbourne Bands site.

Colin Pierce… Billy & The Urchins

Tony Ball… Myself Tony Ball on Framus bass, Billy on vocals, Pete Richards guitar and I think the drummer may have been Mike Osullivan?

Chris Brown… Hello Len, hope all is well with you. I have a single titled I Made Her That Way by The Urchins released in 1967. Do you know if this was the group & had Billy Contreras & Roger Salmon in it? They had been The Beaux. I think there were 2 other members, but I have no idea who they are. If you can confirm this & advise any more like who the other 2 were I would be much obliged.

Len Smith… Chris by 1967 Billy and Roger were performing as Kaine & Abel following a spell as Beaux. I do not believe they added any other members until 1970. So unlikely that your 45 is by our Urchins.


supplied by Len Smith

Gary Sykes… I was in an 80s rock band called Taor. Used to jam with simon williams from mandrahora, and coke from virus. Remember playing “rock at the redoubt” and various gigs at the archery tavern.

Dave Nattress… On Eastbourne bands or maybe more accurately, bands that played Eastbourne area pubs. Back in about 1977/78 I saw a band called Ptarmigan (as in the Scottish bird) in a pub in South Street, Eastbourne. Corner pub opposite the Police Station I think? Great sound, recall the singer has very long wavy hair. they did an incredible “Tears of a Clown” – Smokey Robinson. Anyone else recall them? Also at the Gun in Chiddingly, similar time, about 1977/78, a band call Nightrider. Saw them there a few times. Maybe they came from the Newhaven area?

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember a couple of Eastbourne based bands who play at the Star Inn at Norman’s Bay in the late 70s. Band called Boris, who did Eagles and Wishbone Ash songs with good twin lead guitar work. The other band Tuxedo Junction had great vocal harmonies which were used to good effect on songs by Supertramp and 10cc.

Tom Flynn… I played drums with Billy Contreras and Colin Pierce in Blinker after we disbanded Middlemarch, the folk-rock band with Joe Flynn (electric violin), Tim Morfitt (guitar and vocal), Chris Tunwell (bass), Nigel Barker (guitars and vocals) that played all the Eastbourne and Sussex area pubs in the mid-1970s including the Cavalier near the seafront, The Beach pub opposite the Fishermens Club, The Six Bells at Chiddingly and elsewhere. The other big band at that time was Denis Rayment’s Bandit with Eddie Tutt on bass and Mick ‘The Sticks’  McKiernan on drums. It would be nice to hook up with anyone still around as I moved back to Eastbourne recently. Join me on FB.

Jeni Townsend… Hi Tom, my friend Julia and I came to most of your gigs. I seem to remember she dated one of you guys – but can’t remember who but I do remember sitting for hours in Tim’s parent’s basement listening to you rehearse!

Lynn Graham… Anyone remember Johnny and Bruce who played in The Lord Nelson in the 60s?

Jan De Neef… Dennis Rayment Bandit in Cavalier bar in early 1970… Dale de Neef and his wife Jan now reminiscing in Eastbourne until 10 May 2019 any contacts ?

Keith D Flanigan… Hi there, This the Tony Ball and Pete Richards I played the drums with in the Pete Richards Combo back in 1964/5. I believe Tony or Pete had a brother that played rhythm. I remember Pete had a red sunburst semi acoustic Gibson, and the rhythm guitarist a Gibson Jumbo with pick ups. The Vox ribbon mike I used went through a Selmer amp and a self made Celestion speaker cabinet. I played with a very basic Premier Autocrat drum kit. We had gigs at caravan parks in the Pevensey bay area, as well as some pubs in Eastbourne, Pier Hotel, etc etc. We did a wedding here and there too, and traveled everywhere in a Bedford Dormobile? We practiced in a hall next to a pub at Stones Cross. We also went to the 3rd National Jazz festival in the bands Dormobile, to see the Rolling Stones play in 1963. If any one would like to contact me, it would be great to hear from you, photos maybe? Looking at the photo from Len Smith again. That is definitely Pete on lead guitar and Tony on Bass, but not me on drums. The photo must have been taken just after I left the Pete Richards Combo. Then maybe the band was renamed? The photo supplied by Len Smith may have been taken before I joined the group, and they may have been called the Pete Richards Combo then. I think the photo supplied by Len was taken at the Leaf Hall in Seaside Road Eastbourne, Just before I joined the group as drummer. For a short while it was the groups practice location. I remember coat hooks on the wall. It was the PR Combo. Pete’s initials, and Short for Public Relations I was told. Pete Richards also played the slide guitar.

Malcolm, drummer in Hastings around 1977? Can you help?

Ness Freeman… Hi all , I’ve been reading through lots of these posts and am wondering if any of you can help me. I’m trying to trace a gentleman by the name of Malcolm who I believe used to be the drummer in a band that played in venues around Hastings during 1977. The only other information I have is that by day he was possibly a bus driver , long shot I know but any help would be much appreciated.

Diane Leigh… Was he based at Silverhill or Hastings bus company ?

Ness Freeman… Thanks again for adding my comment. I now have further info on a definite venue Malcolm played in was The Inn at Crowhurst during early 77’. I did see a post on here from 2019 that mentioned this venue but am unable to find it again. As before , any info no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Diane, hi, I honestly wouldn’t know. We have such limited info at the moment. We are literally starting from scratch.