The Albert Memorial Hastings – 1960’s

photo: jsay johnson

Patrick Lewis… Mid to late 60’s?

Carol Arnold… So sad Hastings lost the memorial

Roger Simmonds… Happy days then !

Monica Bane… Think we all miss the memorial

Willie Wicking… I know where that clock is now

Sophie Ash… …And many of us know the trumped-up fairy-tale surrounding it’s demise.

John Busbridge… It accidentally caught fire and was declared unsafe but just happened to be in the way of the new traffic scheme! So one can repair the Notre Dame but they couldn’t repair the Memorial!

Andre Martin… You hit the nail on the head, certain “planners” wanted it gone, and they had their ways, as has been the case with so many schemes in OUR town over the last few decades. That is why we have such a mess of a town centre. The Memorial was known by everybody, all the buses had Memorial on the destination blinds. They were Happy Days.

Ken Dengate… Ha, ‘accidently caught fire’. yeah, right, when someone put a match to it !

John William Willis… It is still around Somewhere in St Leonards

Fred Marsh… does anyone else hate it when someone calls it the ‘newtown’ I have to say its the memorial and il meet me mates outside Plummers

Andre Martin… Looks like a Police Inspector talking to the chap in the lightweight jacket, you can just make out black gloves in left hand. The back ground you can make out the Westminster Bank and Havelock Road, Hollingsworths can be seen. So yes I would agree that its mid/late 60s. There is nothing indicating that the council have started to build islands and pinch points, which as we all know will come shortly.

Ken Dengate… Like the ‘Priorité à Droite’ sign !

Sandra Thompsett… I’ve never heard it called the ‘newtown’ but if that’s what it is, I don’t think much of it. No character now

Nicola Dobson… I can still see my dad directing the traffic around the memorial with his white gloves on

Stuart Moir… I heard in the grapevine that the remnants after the fire are stored somewhere in the Councils cellars, is that correct ??

Willie Wicking… when it was demolished the tower was used in landfill in Rock Lane

Kathy Harding… It was a great reference point to meet up with your mates in the 60’s.

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