The School Recorder – Who’s still got the book and remembers playing this?

Josie Lawson… I did, was pretty good too.In those days could even read the music notes. Went on stage at school. Wanted to upgrade to the treble recorder but money was scarce in those days so never did. Didn’t realise my love of music even though grew up with it in family life so when left school the recorder was left behind . I loved playing the recorder, why do times change, as I got older, I lost the art, but I did go into trying the guitar with a metronome but gave up, hurt my fingers…

John Austin… Yes, badly lol

Martin Richter… I was thumbing through my copy just the other day!

Lucy Pappas… Still got my book, too x  Had a few incarnations of recorders x

Julie Morris… Still got mine -and book 2!

Phil Gill… Me!

Chris Giles… Me

Peri Ann Haste… Me

Steve Cooke… Me

Jan Warren… I’ve still got 2 recorders and the book!!

Joe Knight… LONDONS BURNING!!!!!

Kevin Burchett… yes and i can still play that after all these years but its the only thing though

Yvonne Cleland…  Oh yes! We had a recorder band at West St. Leonards

Terry Pack… I had this book and a recorder. Couldn’t get a note out of it. The music teacher let me sing the exam because all I could get were squeaks out of the recorder. I love the sound of recorders played well.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Have got a recorder (not the original) & can still play ‘Go and tell Aunt Rosie’, Hot Cross Buns, Men of Harlech & The Young Ones by Cliff Richard!

Pete Prescott… I was useless and still would be !

Martyn Baker… I was an atheist even then, but I loved playing “All Glory Laud and Honour” in C.



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