Brian Bennett of The Shadows – 1960’s Bexhill Station


source: Steve Bartley via Terry Pack

Brian Bennett of The Shadows.

Yvonne Cleland… Poor bloke! It’s such a loooooong platform!

Alan Esdaile… I think I saw this photo in a BBC4 programme, showing how groups used to get to gigs by train. Anyone know what venue they played in Bexhill?

Terry Pack… If it isn’t just a staged photo for an album cover, then I suppose they must have played at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Geoff Peckham… He may have just been kicked off the train for having excess baggage!

Robert Searle… Definitely looks like Bexhill Stn

Terry Pack… It’s definitely Bexhill, from an album cover. I can’t remember the title of the album, but it might be ‘Comjng Home’. It’s a solo album by Brian, and the photo was posed. The guard’s van was at the back of the train and the photo would suggest that Brian had got off at the driver’s end. Indeed, he would have had to have been in the driver’s cab for this photo to be real! The absence of a train and any other passengers make it clear that the photographer staged the shot from a position he liked.

Mick O’Dowd… That’s rock’n’roll!

Roland Clarke… Brian’s son Warren posted this same pic about 3-4 years ago stating it was Bexhill station.

Colin Gibson… Def Bex

Phil Little… I think the cases are empty.

Jim Breeds… Was he the bassist? 

Joe Knight… 😂😃 those jumpers were every where I had one and the cravat 

Dave Nattress… Empty cases – you’d sure hope so!

Terry Pack… No. It’s a posed shot, but he was carrying drums!

Alan Essex… Looks like a guitar case just ahead – did he have to carry that as well?

Star Wars – Orion Cinema Hastings 1st July and Saturday Night Fever 2nd July 1978

Martin Richter… when this came out in america (a few months earlier), i was youth hostelling in wales with the school. one of the teachers (all long hair and john lennon glasses) was reading Rolling Stone and showed me a full page advert for Star Wars and said – watch out for this – it’s going to be huge! i think he was right!

Paul Crimin… What was Saturday Night Fever ‘X’? An adult version? Interesting…

Colin Bell… There’s two version’s Paul, one sanitized for TV, cinema release contained sex and very strong language

Paul Crimin… I remember seeing it at my local cinema the week it was released, I’m that old, and I don’t remember being shocked in any way. Thanks Colin, I didn’t know that there was a sanitised version.

Colin Bell… wasn’t shocked either, but it being the 70’s i’d already seen Clockwork Orange, Straw Dogs, Soldier Blue etc i think i’d become unshockable!

Paul Crimin… A fine list of films, I saw them all back then. I still can’t listen to ‘I’m Singing in the Rain’ without thinking of ‘Clockwork Orange’.

Nick Prince… the heavily edited A certificate version came out during the autumn of 1978.

Edward Adams… the flea pit

Gerry Fortsch… I remember the dirty raincoats brigade in there when we were teenager watching Chesty Morgan, what a bloody awful film that was?

Colin Bell… Bloody hell i’d forgotten that! I’ve just had a terrible flashback

Gerry Fortsch… It’s those varicose veins in those enormous boobs.

Andy Ives… I saw Star Wars the week of release but I thought it was at Classic Cinema. Maybe it wasn’t

Alan Esdaile… Yes your right Andy, as it came out in 1977.

Fred Marsh… my partner said he went to an allnight viewing of Clint Eastwood films there, well that’s his story anyway

Judith Monk… The Flea Pit…played some horrible art house type films and lots for the dirty mac brigade…

Mick O’Dowd… Star Wars was the last film shown I believe. Anybody confirm?

Nick Prince… Yes it was Mick….


The Kinks – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1964


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Palfrey-Martin…..taken from the College Rag Mag 1964 – an interview with the Kinks, as they had been booked to play for the Summer Rag Dance in July that year….


Alan Esdaile… Notice the times 11.00pm til 3.00am, also who remembers the well at the White Rock Baths where you used to throw cash over or roll it down a shute for various charity events.