Ritz ABC Cinema, minors song and more


supplied by Samuel Freeman

Yvonne Cleland… fab

Andre Martin… That was a venue that should never have been sold off for a Supermarket – the trouble was in the late 60s people just did not go to the cinema as in earlier days, and some of these palaces just did not pay.

Philip Meston… I saw many films there, not to mention ABC Minors!

Peter Pursglove… I  think the video recorders did a lot to kill off the cinema sadly ,I used to love the cinema ,early sixties my half day off from hairdressing in Tower Road i used to scoot round and catch 3 shows he he i remember 6 cinema’s then ,2 in st leonards and 4 in hastings

Nick Prince…The ABC Ritz was profitable at the time of closure, as to was the Orion. Although you are quite right, in general, cinema attendences were falling.

Dennis Torrance… Were all palls together last film on abc le mons steve McQueen I think went there most weeks to see a film with my parents during the week. The organ that came up in the stage there the badges 3d each ice poles and the talent shows.

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Hastings Pier Rock Concerts – July and August 1976

17th july 1976 supplied by Eva

supplied by Eva Neuke

Chris Sambrook…. I remember the Stranglers supporting Frankie Miller, this was really before the Punk thing exploded. They were more the Doors than Punk. Frankie Miller was great, glad I got to see him. Judas Priest were so loud they made my Loons flap.

Martin Richter…  the Stranglers were a cut above many *punk* bands – great musicians ?

Who was a cub/scout or brownie/girl guide?

Jane Hartley… Girls Brigade!

Martin Stringer… I did my time in uniform

Glenn Piper… Stripes don’t count

Dennis Torrance… 1st Hastings boys brigade drummer in Hastings and bexhill carnival and followed my dad and brothers into it . Our old headquarters in such a state when I last saw it Portland steps

Jane Cranfield… I used to be in the Cranbrook Brownie’s and then Girl Guides,god that was years and years ago now

Willie Wicking… That brings back memories great times

Julie Findlay-jones… Me until I smashed the window with a football and was asked to leave, was so scared to tell my mum and dad I still got dressed in uniform and went out as usual for a few more weeks then told them I didn’t want to go any more.

Caz Simpson… Brownie then Girl Guide

Ian Watling… 8th Hastings Scout, still in the movement now

Chris Meachen… Bob a job week! I remember mowing lawns and doing washing up for this..

Virginia Davis… Brownie and girl guide at All Souls Athelstan Road

Colin Bell… Yup, cub & scout, did many bob-a-jobs

Jeanette Jones… Briefly a Brownie, not for me!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes, Brownie for 3 years living in Malta – loved it, then joined Girl Guides, not for me!

Alan Esdaile… I got my collectors badge, for my collection of beer mats (long since gone). Used to knock on the pub doors when they were closed and ask.

Dave Nattress… Both – well cubs and scouts, brownies and girl-guides wouldn’t let me in back then. But…in these liberated times I suppose anything is possible. Dib, dob, dob wasn’t it or something like. I recall Bob-a-Job very well. A bunch of ‘erberts going around the posh houses and bungalows in and around Little Common, Cooden and Bexhill. All great innocent stuff!!

Michael Wilson… 1st Bexhill. Cub and Scout.

Barry French… In 1963 I was a 10 year old Cub in Brentwood Essex. My first “client” during bob a job a job week was for a lady who wanted a load of old orange boxes chopped up for firewood, plus she wanted her guttering unblocked on the outside toilet. Somehow I managed to break down the boxes with the axe she provided, (without loss of limb). I then climbed a rickety old step ladder (again provided by the lady), while carrying a bamboo cane (not actually provided by the lady but found by me laying in the garden). When I reached the summit I proceeded in poking the moss & other debris along the gutter into the down pipe (with the cane) in the hope that the next shower of rain would clear it all. I was there for a good two hours & all for a shilling!!