The Happening Coffee Bar – Tony Blackburn St Leonards On Sea 17th July 1967

 Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

and John Wilde had this to say –

moved to St Leonards in 1966 with my parents. They bought number 8 Kings Rd and turned it into a coffee bar club, we made the basement look like a cave. We called it The Happening, Tony Blackburn opened it with a disco night. It was a popular hang out for a soul crowd, we had a great jukebox, an espresso machine and pintables. We even had bands play downstairs. Does anyone remember this place? Apparently it has reopened recently as The Kave Klub. by John Wilde

Gerry Fortsch… I gigged here in 1967 several times. Far out man

Mick O’Dowd… DJ’d here many a time. Also was with Deep Purple (Hastings) when they appeared. John Wilde’s dad owned it.

Jeff Belton… Met Tony Blackburn at a gig he did in a London night club, got a request read out on the evening , and played on the radio, when he was on Radio London. It was my 21st birthday that day.

Tiffany Barton… Wonderful! What did he play for your birthday ? Thanks for the memories . 1967 supremes the happening ?

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  1. Hi John,
    Yes it is all back in action, we also run a coffee house upstairs as well as the gallery.
    Here is a recording of a band called Eternal Tapestry playing in the Kave/Cave

    Please come and say hello I’d love to know more or see some pictures.
    I’m so glad you posted this, it has been very difficult to find any information about it.
    Well done on the construction of the thing, me and a friend recently repaired a few parts so i’m fulling aware of the job it must of been.



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