Who’s your favourite Dr Who and why? asks Kev Carleonis

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Melody Gray… I’ve heard about Dr who but i never watched it?

Paul Ashton… William Hartnel – he was the first doctor, eccentric, a time travelling wizard!

Sandie Carlyon… Paul, I worked in Battle East Sussex and he lived in Robertsbridge the next village. I saw him a few times. He was really good.

Paul Ashton… lucky you. I heard William Hartnel put himself into this new Dr Who series. Not his first choice this syfy but it set a trend for clever eccentric professor types. Thank you.

Greta Dobson… Definitely David Tennant

Pete Franklin… Difficult one. I loved Jon Pertwee, but of the most recent I’d have to say David Tennent.

Pickle Hobson… Oh my god. I’m the biggest Dr Who nerd. I know no one will agree. But I love Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor. No one else seems to like him. Love the River Song story line with him.

Kev Carleonis… I didn’t even bother with Matt Smith – The Worst!

Emma Rix… David Tennant his Dr who is brilliant

Holly Alford Barnes… Although I met Jon Pertwee in the mid 80’s and adored him, David Tennant was always my favorite. Never a dull moment.

Jane Hartley… William Hartnell was the 1st followed by Patrick Troughton, so they will always be remembered by me, my very favourite has to be Tom Baker, he had that mad cleverness!

Roy Winchester… yes mate i was 10 great memories.

Karen Sweatman… Tom Baker was my doctor from when I was a kid. And yes, watched from behind the sofa. David Tennant is my favourite ‘new Who’

Andy Davies… Mine too!

Andy Ives… Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as a kid. Capaldi, Tennant and Ecclestone as an adult

David Francis… Pertwee and Baker from my childhood. The new doctors have all been good: Ecclestone, Tennant, Capaldi, Whittaker but I think my favourite over all is definitely Matt Smith. The others have all had age to rely upon to give them fear, authority, gravitas. Smith had to find something else and I think he did it very well. The stories helped as well – lots of parental guilt, love, abandonment and madness going on.

Tom James Cowan… Best Dr that never was Ken Campbell, lost out to his mate McCoy, would have changed history!

Peter Fortsch… My favourite Doctor

John Scaife… David Tennant

Graham Matthews… Never liked it so very rarely watched it.

Florence Foster… Never watched it

Andrew Moodie… Pertwee. Loathed Tennant.

Leigh Kennedy… Baker, Pertwee & Tennant.

Malcolm McDonald… a woman was a big mistake but Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker…

Steve Thorpe… Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi.

Ralph Town… All of them up to 1988.

Linda Holter… John Pertwee.

Peter Houghton… The First 4 And then the last 5 were my favourite ones

Chris Connell… I like Peter Davidson because when my daughter was 4 he signed the plaster cast on her broken leg.This was at the old cricket ground. I believe she still has it.

Lyn Humphrey… William Hartnell easily the best–and of course he was the first, like Connery being the real Mr Bond.

Clive Garrard… Troughton or Pertwee were the best

Barry French… Each doctor brings something to the table & everyone has their favourites (for me its Hartnell & Tennant)

Leanne Mary Lentle… Capaldi!!!!

Debs Elizabeth Williams… Jon Pertwee


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  1. I like Peter Davidson because when my daughter was 4 he signed the plaster cast on her broken leg.This was at the old cricket ground. I believe she still has it.


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