JR’s Niteclub Holmesdale Gardens Hastings 1984

Who remembers JR’s when it was in Holmesdale Gardens?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Only remember it under The Queens Hotel?

Gary Thomas… I remember JR’s nightclub in Holmesdale Gardens. I was just a kid and I lived next door at Clifton Court. My main memory of it was one evening Frank Bruno and his manager at the time Terry Lawless turned up in a car. Frank spent ages combing his hair and I was too shy when he eventually got out to ask for an autograph.

Martin Richter… interesting club

Jim Breeds… What’s the restaurant called?

Matt Thomas… Was never a fan of that club, very cliquey crowd

Ian Johnson… Yeah and right next door to the nurses accomodation

Carl Ridley… Remember that night. Had a pic with Frank & me sitting in the racing car. Now that was back in the day.

Tony Court-holmes… did they not have a fish tank there somewhere

Martin Richter… wasn’t the whole bar a fish-tank ?

Malcolm Sharp… Changed to the Hermitage later i believe.  I live at the hermitage, or block of flats built in the eighties, def remember a club here with that name

Gary Thomas… yep rebuilt after JR’s moved to the town centre. The link in the Observer shows the old Hermitage building.



1978 tour programmes – Blackbushe with Bob Dylan, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Watch and Knebworth with Genesis and Jefferson Starship.

IMG_0153 IMG_0149 IMG_0157

supplied by Paul Morfey

Heather Carter… Blackbushe, I was there, a gig to remember…

Alex Chapman… I was at Blackbush! Sat in an endless Traffic Jam, ended up miles away from the stage. Dylan was an embarrassment, one of his pseudo religious periods singing gospel etc. Joan Armatrading saved the day! Great Fun!

Glenn Piper… Yeah, I was at Blackbush Nuff said

Robert Searle… I was at the Bob Dylan one at Blackbushe aerodrome and still got the ticket and programme. Something wrong here, the show I saw was really good ,Bob was on top form not singing any gospel stuff at all. The not so good bit was Graham Parker.

did you have a fireplace like this?

shared from: inspired villages https://www.facebook.com/inspiredlifeuk/

Inspired Villages… No exposed brick or fancy log burners, this is what a proper fireplace looked like back in the fifties, who had one like this?

Jim Peckham… We still have one but I built a new one over it

Gerry Powell… I’m not boasting but my house in London had two! Coincidentally a builder has just bought the house next door and today removed the same.

Deborah Ewing… Still have four of them in my house now. One with a parkray coal burner in it x

Jackie Hersee… We did

Graham Matthews… Had some of those.

Paul Huggett… EXACTLY like that Alan!!

Mark Hallam… Used to have one

Martin Waghorne… Yep ripped it out.

Linda Day… Yes hated it, well gone

Gary Benton… Alan, do you remember that ugly thing Cheryl & Paul had at Ashburnham road? Paul loved it, not so sure Cheryl did?

Lloyd Johnson… We had almost the same one in Clifton road ,Ore…

Rowena Christodoulou… We still have one like this

Lance Collins… And a toasting fork

Jacquie Hinves… My nana did in Barley Lane.

Alan Vale… We had one until I removed it

Elaine Stock… we had one very similar

Ray Binnning… Almost the same as that one.

Jacqueline Marsh… Have taken many out over the years of buying and selling houses

Martin Stoggell… Looks awfully familiar

Fred Marsh… yes, with a clock on the mantlepiece with all the bills stuffed behind it

Carol Ann Bolton… We’ve still got one.

Tony Court-holmes… love them

Robert Fisher… my late father in is infinate wisdom ripped them all out.

John Coleman… Still got one!

Diane Leigh… Had one when moved in got hot water when fire alight now got brick fire place back boiler was taken out when central heating put in.

Patrick Biggs… Were they all cream and brown

Sandra Thompsett… Ours was

Michael Barrington… Still have two of them

Alan King… where’s the fire guard ?

Tony Court-holmes… in the fire station

Sophie Ash… Had exactly the above design. Without it, the room is now both bigger and happier.

Bob Dylan Blackbushe Aerodrome 1978

photo: Wymer UK

Wymer UK… in 1978 esteemed concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith put on the single biggest, paid one day concert in UK history at the Blackbushe Aerodrome in Surrey with some estimates putting the audience figure at around 250,000. Goldsmith still considers it the high point of his career: “The best event I’ve been involved in was a performance from Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton at Blackbushe Aerodrome. Crammed full of glorious, largely, previously unpublished colour photos of Dylan, Clapton, Armatrading and Parker, the book also covers each performance with memorabilia, stories, reviews, anecdotes and memories from the artists and audience alike.Order your copy here and use CODE: BOB1 AND GET 25% 0FF and GET YOUR NAME ON A DEDICATED FAN PAGE TOO…

Paul Morfey… I was there!!

Peter Howard… I was there. Was Graham Parker on too? I got mistaken for him and asked for autographs, I think that was at blackbushe.

Pauline Sims… I lived nearby and heard most of the concert!

Tim Moose Bruce… What a gig! Took 5 hours to get there 2 up on a moped from Bexhill. I remember seeing tv cameras on the stage filming it so there must be some footage of this somewhere. Graham Parker opened the show. Then Eric Clapton. Joan Armatrading next and finally Bob Dylan. All acts were brilliant. To get a feel of Dylans set, listen to his Live at the Budokan album. From the same tour which was just after Street Legal was released.

Tim Moose Bruce… Did anyone go to the 1984 Wembley Stadium gig? Also on the bill were UB40 and Santana. When Dylan came on , a load of “gatecrasher” celebs joined in on various songs, including Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde and Van Morrison.

Robert Searle… I was there,great day,still got my programme and ticket. At Blackbushe that is.

Tim Moose Bruce… The next time I saw Dylan was 1987 at Wembley arena. The day after the Hurricane. Support act was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers were the backing band for Bob Dylan. My brother went the following night and there was a.guest appearance by George Harrison.

Neil Partrick… I was at Wembley in 84, Tim. Being quite young 🙂 that was my first Dylan outing. I remember Morrison joining in on It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (ala his Them cover). Best parts for me were Dylan rockin’ out on stuff like Highway 61, with Mick Taylor to the fore. Lucky brother, Tim!

Glenn Piper… I, along with lots of other people, was there 😀 Took 2 hours to find the van after

Dave Burbridge… This was the day after my birthday so if you remember a hungover guy standing up and thanking everyone for coming to his party and then having things thrown at him….

Michael Park… I went up to Blackbushe in a hired red transit van from Hastings, started out with 6 of us, summat like 26 by the time i picked up hitchers along the way, security wanted to check in the back for cameras and stuff, opened the door and people spilled out ! we all kipped in ,on and under and around the van that night, i dropped loads of random people off all over the place after the concert. I still feel moved remembering when Dylan came back on acoustic, and 200,000 people all leapt to their feet, there were some hells angels gang beside us who had been sharing their spliffs with us and such, I looked at em , some had tears streaming down their faces. I did wembley 84 , gotta ringside view by climbing on the scaffolding/gantry on recording hut in front of stage. A scots guy was loudly shouting “how does it feel,bob”, all the time, i gotta bootleg later and you could hear him on it ! but was also a great concert

Jim Breeds… I went to a big do at Blackbushe once (70s, I guess), but it wasn’t this one. I can’t for the life of me think who I saw there ..

Yvonne Cleland… Blackbushe was an incredible day! I was there and the line-up was truly wonderful

Peter Woods… (In reply to Michael Park) I hitch-hiked from Witney in Oxfordshire there and back got back at about 3.00. Great day! While hitching the final leg from Oxford to Witney I managed to leave the mirror I bought on a park bench at the Woodstock road roundabout. I borrowed a mates car as soon as I got home and drove back to Oxford to retrieve the mirror. All these years later and the mirror is still hanging on my wall.

cassette recorder – did you have one of these?

Dennis Torrance… Brilliant got my first one from curry’s queens road used to put 🎤 by transistor radio

Josie Lawson… I have a similar one even now. I bought it a couple years ago so that I could go through my cassette tapes to see if I could find my homemade shows I did on my cassettes also I have a few copies I was always made of the hospital radio shows I was interviewed. I thought I might be able to then have transferred to cd rom cds to listen too in my computer, what do you think, do you reckon that could be done?

Tony Ham… Pixels in Rye will put cassette recordings on cd.

Mick Guy… Also useful for the \BBC micro!

Andy Pilkington… there making a comeback to, even Argos now selling them

Tiffany Barton… Once played with one and it broke down the tape kept sticking and reels of mess came out then I gave up and it ended up in a car boot sale. Its a beautiful thing. I regretted breaking it. Then I got one of these & was listening to Soul & Motown of course.. Why did the tape keep tangling up?

Pete Prescott… I still have them and use them in my Micra. Some of my tapes are over 45 years old. Most still sound amazing ! Love them !

Nick Prince… Recordings of Pirate Radio and Radio Luxembourg on mine….

Wendy Belton… Used to record the top twenty on one of these on Sunday evenings in the 70s. Still have the recorded cassettes ok and maybe even one of these players in the loft!

Nick Prince… Me to… back in the days when Tony Blackburn did the charts

Keith Cowper… Had one for recording all my music rehearsals

Pete Prescott… I found a tape of Andy Caine and I working on a couple of songs (we were put together to see if we could write by Ike Nossell ) one was good.

Jeff Belton… I had one these, and that’s what I used to practise being a DJ. Alot of fun !

Ian Brown… Definitely had one of those I used to sell them I’m the audio department at boots in Blackpool I think they were made by Ferguson

Tony Ham… I used to record John Peel’s show, happy days.

Will Cornell…I had one too of course…recorded almost the entire 1974 Philadelphia Folk Festival and those cassettes lasted years…even with the batteries going dead they were great tapes. I did not know until recently the acoustic guitar intro to “Street Fighting Man” comes from a cassette recorder like this….and I still wonder why the shortwave radio that had a built in timer cassette recorder did not take off. I guess SW was at it’s final days anyway. Being able to record something that broadcast while you were asleep woulda been real cool.

Dave Nattress… Yes for sure. Several over the years. First portable one was Mono, Philips job, poor sound etc. took it in the car before I got the first car cassette player for the Ford Anglia!! That had a poor sound also – speakers on back shelf. Then at least 2 more. ITT stereo (apparently), used to take it to band rehearsals – Damaris, Samisen, Prisoners. Keep meaning to look for the old tapes in the loft. Many pre-recorded cassettes and home recorded for car back then. They play OK in the TEAC cassette player/recorder – so called Hi-Fi. Also got walkman somewhere and a portable dictating recording type job that takes standard cassettes. Tried to record a few gigs but totally awful sound – used to have to conceal it when getting into the gigs back then!! Tried The Blue Nile at Albert Hall for one – waste of time, sound reproduction awful.

Terry Hardwick… Had one for Christmas lasted years