1978 tour programmes – Blackbushe with Bob Dylan, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Watch and Knebworth with Genesis and Jefferson Starship.

IMG_0153 IMG_0149 IMG_0157

supplied by Paul Morfey

Heather Carter… Blackbushe, I was there, a gig to remember…

Alex Chapman… I was at Blackbush! Sat in an endless Traffic Jam, ended up miles away from the stage. Dylan was an embarrassment, one of his pseudo religious periods singing gospel etc. Joan Armatrading saved the day! Great Fun!

Glenn Piper… Yeah, I was at Blackbush Nuff said

Robert Searle… I was at the Bob Dylan one at Blackbushe aerodrome and still got the ticket and programme. Something wrong here, the show I saw was really good ,Bob was on top form not singing any gospel stuff at all. The not so good bit was Graham Parker.

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