JR’s Niteclub Holmesdale Gardens Hastings 1984

Who remembers JR’s when it was in Holmesdale Gardens?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Only remember it under The Queens Hotel?

Gary Thomas… I remember JR’s nightclub in Holmesdale Gardens. I was just a kid and I lived next door at Clifton Court. My main memory of it was one evening Frank Bruno and his manager at the time Terry Lawless turned up in a car. Frank spent ages combing his hair and I was too shy when he eventually got out to ask for an autograph.

Martin Richter… interesting club

Jim Breeds… What’s the restaurant called?

Matt Thomas… Was never a fan of that club, very cliquey crowd

Ian Johnson… Yeah and right next door to the nurses accomodation

Carl Ridley… Remember that night. Had a pic with Frank & me sitting in the racing car. Now that was back in the day.

Tony Court-holmes… did they not have a fish tank there somewhere

Martin Richter… wasn’t the whole bar a fish-tank ?

Malcolm Sharp… Changed to the Hermitage later i believe.  I live at the hermitage, or block of flats built in the eighties, def remember a club here with that name

Gary Thomas… yep rebuilt after JR’s moved to the town centre. The link in the Observer shows the old Hermitage building.



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