Hastings gas office – Queens Road Hastings

supplied by Valerie Churms, Hastings & St Leonards Pictures & Videos

Valerie Churms… The old Hastings Gas offices in Queens road. destroyed in 1970. Don’t know what happened.

Tim Moose Bruce… Gas leak

Jeremy Peter Harrison… This photo is later- we went decimal in 1971. The Ford Granada was launched in 1972. I thought the gas site was demolished to build Safeway’s?

Jim Breeds… it was

Jon McCallion… Bought one of my early cars from that garage in the picture. It was a Volkswagen Beetle 1600. A guy called Malcolm owned The garage at the time. 1976

Alan Vale… I moved to where I am now late 1986 and I whatched over time they demolished the old gas works, built Safeways which is now Morrissons. I think that Gulf garage was a Shell garage when I arrived. Now a block of flats

Dave Nattress… A Granada, Mk 3 Cortina and petrol prices a gallon I’m guessing!

Why are Cds so tightly wrapped in cellophane?? asks John Gale

John Gale… Why are Cds so tightly wrapped in cellophane?? Not good for old gits like me with arthritis,,,, Another reason why vinyl is best

Alan Esdaile… I’m glad it’s not just me then.

Jim Breeds… You’re also tightly wrapped in cellophane!!!??? :Taking coronavirus precautions a bit too far, I think

Peter Millington… It may be to stop the unscrupulous twits from stealing the contents and putting the box back on the shelf!

John Gale… Not if you buy online, which I do but via Hive so that my favourite bookshop/ records hop gets a cut,  It’s just too much for my old hands

Graham Sherrington… The sleeve could just have a security sticker over the edge. Coconuts here in Florida are wrapped in Plastic film. And so are single large potatoes!!!

Martin Richter… vinyl is better – mainly because i can’t read the sleeve notes on CD’s !

Richard J Porter… I use a sharp craft knife inserted carefully in the crack where the case opens then simply peel back.

Mick O’Dowd… Everything seems to be packed in unbreachable shrink wrap these days!

Andy Davies… Well a sharp knife is all you need for the cellophane, decent knees are needed to keep getting up to turn the record over.

Dave Nattress… They sure can be a pain to open and “Be Careful With That Axe Eugene” – Pink Floyd was it, or the the knife, so as not to scratch the cover especially with those in the cardboard packets. But…actually it’s every damn thing these days – shrink-wrapped, like my morning half a packet of ginger nuts to be dunked in the coffee, try and open the packet – you need a sharp knife carefully gauged between a couple of bickies. Sign of the times I guess to stop people tampering with food-stuffs etc. etc. – as happens or like someone said, opening packets and pinching stuff etc.

Anyone buy a Guitar or Record Player in Woolworth in the 70’s?


Chris Meachen… I’m pretty sure that Roger Carey had an audition stereo when we were at school.

Rick Pentecost… I had an audition stereo. It was white, lasted for years. Sounded dreadful!

Peter Thomson… My Saturday job was at Woolies. When the store closed we used to ‘sound check’ some of the gear. The standard for fitted plugs was yet to come, so we jammed a pencil into the nearest earth socket and rammed all the other cables into their respective holes. Nobody died…

Peter Howard… Surprisingly, some of the guitars they sold are now worth a lot more than they cost. some mind, most were shite 🙂

Ralph Town… My first Bass came from Woolies 🙂 Soon realised it was a mistake lol

Stuart Ralls… I have several of my Embassy recordings released on CD. Was always a collector and have researched a lot about the labels history and it’s artists.

Tim Moose Bruce… Had a Woolworths guitar in the 70s. Got it 2nd hand for 15 quid with a Watkins Westminster amp.

Alan Vale… I brought a Watkins Scout in the 1980’s for a similar price fixed it used it and sold it to a friend of the drummer in Sidewinder

Do you remember Embassy Records at Woolworth asks Gerry Powell?

supplied by Gerry Powell

Julie Findlay-jones… We had quite a few of them.

David Edwards… They were the sound alikey records, today’s hit songs covered by other than the original artists and sold cheaper. I believe Elton John sang on some of them but don’t know who he covered

Chris Jolly… This sounds like the music they played whilst you ate at Pizzaland…

Gerry Powell… These were my introduction to vinyl when very young and bought by my dad when we first had a Ferguson record player. The 45’s cost 4/6 (that’s 4 shillings & 6 pence for those too young to know). That was half the price of the chart single.

John Scaife… Still got a few

Pete Brazier… Think I’ve still got one somewhere! Julie Andrew’s and Johnny Mathis singing songs from West Side Story! Before they became famous in their own right

Will Cornell… In honor of the centennial, I think more “Roaring 20s” records are in order, hot-cha-cha-cha-cha! Those tunes were the cats pajamas.

Barry French… I have one Embassy single featuring “The Typhoons”
Side 1 – Glad All Over Side 2- Money. Record dates from 1963.
Both tracks are pretty good covers of the Dave Clark Five & Beatles singles.

Neil Partrick.. They released a pretty wide range of stuff at cheap prices. My personal favourite (bought second hand in Eastbourne circa 1984, not at Woolies) is Supersession (Kooper/Bloomfield/Stills et al)…… a total corker.

David Edwards… out of the blue that one!

Chris Jolly… Great record!

Mick O’Dowd… Posted this before but this from the Daily Mail might help with some queries.

Pete Fisher… Embassy (1954-1965) seems to have been the forerunner of the Top Of The Pops and Hot Hits compilations…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embassy_Records

Pete Fairless… I’ve been on YouTube and listened to quite a few of these and they’re pretty good.  However, while I get the idea of a covers compilation, a la TOTP, I struggle with the idea of cover singles – were singles expensive, were these a lot cheaper?  Can any of you old folks explain?

Pete Fisher… I got curious about Woolworth’s Embassy label, and found out they had a kind of house band from 1963 to 1965 (when the label folded) who went under the name The Typhoons, and covered a lot of the beat groups, predominantly The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Quite a few videos at youtube – here’s one…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyeCjNh7Xm4

Neil Partrick… Really interesting research. I hadn’t realised about The Typhoons as a kind of Embassy Records’ house band. Nor had I realised that Embassy Records was owned (?) by Woolworth’s (if I understand the above correctly).

Paul Huggett… Yep Woollies were the exclusive outlet ( not sure if they actually owned Embassy though). I had a few of their 45s bought from the Rye shop as a kid. Mainly instrumentals by the Bud Ashton group.

Neil Partrick… Amazing, I just walked into a charity shop in Hailsham and picked up a copy of an Embassy Records single: The Typhoons’ version of Come On on the A side, and sometime band member Mike Redway performing a song on the B side.

Stuart Ralls… Embassy records were owned and produced by Oriole records at their Bond Street studios. A deal to produce covers and other genres was signed with Woolworths in 1954 and ran until 1964 when CBS took Oriole over with the demise of Embassy coming a year later. Embassy recordings were sold to variety of labels worldwide some becoming regional hits in their own right.

Judy Atkinson… I’ve got a few singles in this sleeve

Jenny Power… I’ve also still got a few singles in these sleeves


Dermot Murphy R.I.P.

photo supplied by Peter Gladwish

Peter Gladwish… RIP Dermot

Linda Day… Oh no bless him x

Terry Drinkwater… Sad news.

Andy Caine… Very sad! X

Mark Harris… How sad

Jon McCallion… Very sad news.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. Lovely guy. X

Phil Gill… Oh that is sad news, he was a nice chap.

Pauline Richards… Oh dear. Have known him years. So sorry for the children

Russell Field… The gentleman bassist. Top man. Funny as hell.Very sad indeed xx

Ken Hatch… Lovely guy and a good bass man, sad news.

James Westlake… He filled in for us when Ken was away, great bassist.

Liane Carroll… Oh no. Very sad. So sorry to hear this xx

Keith Brian Goodall… One of the best

Martyn Baker… Oh what a shame he’s gone now. He was a fabulous bassist, and as lovely a bloke as you could meet.

Mark Pepper… So sorry to hear this sad news , love to Steve, Ben and Sophie xxx

Lloyd Johnson… R.I.P. Dermot….from a fellow Ore Youth club member…

Andy Knight… RIP Dermot, good Bass Player and not bad with a golf club

Jane Hartley… Lovely man and musician. Love to the family xx

Trevor Spears… Good friends since our early teens in Hollington, played lots of gigs together he will be missed, RIP mate!

Kathy Harding… What a shock to see this today, such a lovely man xx

Stuart Moir… Star man with Centre Page, played with us for many years and we even got him into singing lead vocal on one song, always a reliable bass harmony as well as one of the best local players

Chris Howard… So sorry to hear of Dermot’s passing, a great guy he took my place in Centre Page when I left the band. R.I.P.

Barry French… So sad, we have lost a real character of the Hastings music scene. A versatile musician & a lovely guy. Barry & Ness.

John Harper… Very sad news. We’ve lost a kind & so modest a gentleman of the music scene. He always seemed to underestimate his abilities although he was such a talented & versatile bass player. A truly lovely guy.

Jacqui Gibson… So sad to hear


Do you remember the football pools?

Alan Esdaile… Do you remember the football pools? Having to be very quite on a Saturday when your dad was listening to the results.

Paul James… Ahahahahahahaha my stepdad always played the pools, never won anything

Gerry Powell… Forfar 4, Fife 5 . . . . my dad did them in the 60’s and let me do a line. Still do a line “on-line”. Spot the Ball was also introduced by Littlewoods and at work as a syndicate we did it weekly in the early 70’s and I came away with over £400 which went a long way to pay for my first new car, a Ford Escort Mk1 1300E in Daytona Yellow. I had to do 500 “x’s” in a small square template and around 8 others did the same so we did not duplicate. It worked.

Kevin Burchett… my dad was in a syndicate at British Gypsum when i was a teenager i think there was a bout a dozen in the syndicate and they won dad ended it up with £290 it was quite a lot of money in them days and we all got new bikes from Lappys in queens road and we rode them home to netherfield

Yvonne Cleland… Oh yes! Every Saturday. Didn’t dare speak!

Mick O’Dowd… Yep! Always brings to mind the old Spike Milligan sketch( I think) or it might have been Michael Bentine reading the results.

Helen James… Had to check them with my Dad

Alan Esdaile… Michael Bentine, Mick.

Peter Howard… I used to pick a line for my Gran. She won £100 in about 1969 but my Grandad wouldn’t let her cash the cheque because he didn’t want the bank manager to know his wife did the pools

Dave Nattress… Indeed, my parents did it for years and it was a major operation with several companies holding their own draws. Littlewoods in Liverpool? I think was Mega and another was called “Zetters” – I think – only recall this because it was a strange name/word. Parents won a few quid now and again. Spot the ball I recall also.

Lyn Humphrey… I also recall having to be quiet at 4.50 pm. Just after I started my first job, my Dad won first dividend, & we began dreaming….only to find out that the small pools companies paid out far less. His share was two grand, which was still nice, but not life-changing (& I was so looking forward to life-changing).

Mark Eason… Not “quite” a memory of mine being “quiet” back then.

Karen Sweatman… My dad promised to take us to Disney if he won. I was old enough to realise that 37 and a half pence wasn’t enough. My sister wasn’t and cried for hours

Dave Nattress… Hi Lyn old friend, well, we’re about as old as each other are we not!  My parents won a few small amounts not life-changing for me either.  Still life’s been good enough without riches so far!

Pete Prescott… I remember my dad doing the football pools every week.

Joe Knight… About 1983 i stopped

John Warner… Got 8 draws once received £125, sick.

Lyn Humphrey… Hi Dave — Yes, I too have managed without the riches thus far, but I wouldn’t mind trying some…..though I’m not sure what life-changing would be, now!

Mick O’Dowd… My parents promised me a train set if they won. 10 years of waiting for a train that never arrived (Where’s Sarah Harvey when you need her!) I finally bought my own when I started work.

Pete Prescott… Oh yes. Dad would spend ages on it.

Alan King… but did he let you ‘check the pools; ?

Wendy Weaver… If you listened carefully you could predict the result by the inflections in the announcer’s voice. We use the same numbers we used for the pools on our lottery ticket – not a lot of luck still. I won £30 on the pools and bought a Sega Master System with it. Graham and I used to stay up half the night trying to beat one another at Sonic the Hedgehog

Tony Court-holmes… so would my nan never won a penny

Kevin White… My Mum and Dad used to do the pools every week, Dad used to collect the money from door to door on Wednesday or Thursday night in the Hollington area on behalf of Vernons pools. I used to go with him when I was little. I remember they had, what would have been a massive win one week, i think it was about £125.000 but unfortunately for them, so did half the country, they ended up winning 19/6 when it was shared out between all the other winners, that is Nineteen shillings and sixpence. Or about 97.5 new pence in today’s money.

Andy Guainiere… Yes, always a big night for dad with the pools coupon.

Colin Bell… Having to be quiet after watching Mick McManus and Kendo Nagasaki punch the crap out of the other wrestlers (well pretend to!)

David Francis… I remember waiting for Doctor Who to come on and we couldn’t talk because my dad was reading his pools coupons watching the Scottish third division Forfar 5 Fife 4 etc

Steve Thorpe… I had to get the pink edition of the Evening News which had the results of the football and horse racing in it.

Kev Towner… I was always really disappointed that the scoreline: Forfar 5 – East Fife 4 never came up!!

Yvonne Ellis… Very fond memories of this

Oliver Leonard… I think they still exist do they not?

Mick O’Dowd… Port Vale 1. Coventry lost! Apologies to Spike Milligan!

Chris Pook… I used to do a ‘pools round’ in Ore Village in the eighties. Some people would do one line with the same numbers every week and others would stretch to 4 lines with random numbers. Nice little job once a week for about £3!