Anyone remember the Hastings group The Devils?

supplied by Bob Shipway

Bob Shipway… I’ve a number of business cards from bands I was in from my time in Hastings. Some of them I have good recollections of who was in them with me and the brilliant times we had but some are less well defined in my memory… The Devils is one I have little recollection of. Does anyone recall the band, who was in it, when and if it gigged and when it was active? I can remember being in a number embryonic groups before I joined Town Council and think that The Devils must be one of them. I also remember practicing in a hall (church hall or youth club?) and seeing one of Tich Turner’s bands laying there on a gig night. Any recollections out there?

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember “The Devils’ but remember Love Bucket.


Skiffle groups Hastings – asks Trevor Webb

Trevor Webb… I have just finished the book on skiffle by Billy Bragg and wondered if any of your SMART group, has talked about any Hastings skiffle bands or groups who played here? Fascinating how most of 60s Pop and Rock Musicians were first playing Skiffle and how many cafes, clubs and completions were in involved .Were there any Hastings Competitions for Skiffle Groups and Venues?

Love Bucket – Hastings Pier.


supplied by Chris Baker

Chris Baker, Pete (Bill) Willshire, Brian (Bear) Williams and Bob Shipway. Hastings Pier.

Mick O’Dowd….Is this the same Pete “Fats” Wilshire who once lived  at “Fat’s Pad”  in Old London Road and formed a band with Me, Twidge Partridge, Tim Purcell etc?

Chris Baker….Yup! That’s him! Batty Bill as we used to call him then, married my sister Di. He was a great bloke. The Band that was named after its Van

Barry Newton….Worked with Bill at Redifusion and social services for many a year also knew Di

Bob Shipway… Fond memories of a riotous time Chris!